3 out of 10 gas stations in the country belong to a different brand – El Financiero

Gas stations painted green with the logo of Mexican Petroleum (Pemex) they have lost ground in recent years.

Alejandro Montufar Helu Jiménez, CEO of PETROIntelligence, pointed out that 34 percent of the country’s service stations are already under a brand other than Pemex.

Currently, there are more than 4,373 service stations that operate under a brand other than Pemex.

What’s more, 44.3 percent of the gas stations established in Mexico have images other than those of Pemex, which means that although they supply and dispatch fuel from the company directed by Octavio Romero Oropeza, they have a different image from Pemex, as is the case with Oxxo Gas, Servifácil, Petro Seven, among others.

The CEO of PETROIntelligence estimates that there are more than 269 commercial images in Mexico.

The states with the most brands other than Pemex are the State of Mexico (1,153), Jalisco (949), Veracruz (774), Guanajuato (699), Nuevo León (694), Baja California (600), Chihuahua (581) and Puebla (581).

In proportion, there are four states where more than half of the service stations are already of a brand other than that of the state production company.

These are Baja California (60.67 percent of gas stations are private brands), Tabasco (56.7 percent), Aguascalientes (50.56) and Campeche (50.49).

“Competition in the retail sector is very dynamic, as can be seen with the growing number of brands and commercial images, as well as the various flag changes that are being carried out,” he said.

On the other hand, the energy specialist pointed out during his participation in the Reunion Point event, organized by Onexpo, that the fiscal incentives granted by the Government of Mexico have managed to keep fuel prices at stable levels.

He explained that in the case of gasoline magna, the average price is 20.17 pesos per liter, however, without the help of the fiscal stimulus, the price would be 24.56 pesos per liter; in the case of premium gasoline, the price would be 25.16 pesos instead of 22.35 pesos.

“I do not believe that we will reach a price as high of 30 pesos per liter as was estimated, since it would generate a global crisis, in addition to having effects on inflation,” said Alejandro Montufar.


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