Melania Trump outrages her husband Donald Trump, and goes viral

Melania Trump, wife of the former president of the United States, Donald trump was captured and viralized in a video making a gesture of displeasure at the time when she and her husband were recognized in a ballpark crowd.

The famous couple attended the baseball game played between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros, at Atlanta Georgia, as part of the final of the World Series of Baseball, after not having been seen in public since last April.

During this event, some of the attendees noticed the presence of their partner Trump and they started clapping and waving, so they opted for get up from their seats, to smile and wave with hand.

Melania Trump goes viral on social media

However it was not that not that made viral to Melania Trump, since that was when Donald Trump turned to see her, when she made a gesture of displeasure as she turned to look elsewhere where her husband was not.

The grimace of disgust quickly went viral on the internet, as it is not the first time that the 51-year-old model makes a similar expression to her husband. One of the most memorable was in January 2017, when Donald Trump took office, as she was upset and indifferent.

Let us remember that after trying to be reelected as president of the United States of America and not having succeeded, the family of Donald trump moved to the Mar-a-Lago complex in Palm Beach, Florida, where Melania decided to take a more private profilewhile her husband has been active in politics.

It should be noted that although, in social networks Melania’s reaction went viral, and some criticized the action, there were also those who defended the former first lady and commented that the gesture was not towards her husbandbut towards the cameras, since it probably did not want to be recorded.

“It seems to me that she went to the camera”, “I think the rudeness was not her husband rather I think it bothered him that they were recording it“,” You can see that it can not stand him anymore “, “His love is in the wallet full of dollars”,“ Can’t stand it anymore ”, are some of the comments.

Melania Trump makes new rudeness to her husband


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