Cabañas explained his financial situation; talked about his photos in a bakery

On January 25, 2010 the life of Salvador Cabins changed unexpectedly. A mishap in a bar south of Mexico City took away the possibility of continuing to make history with the shirt of the America.

A bullet in the head snatched everything and away from the fields and reflectors, several versions emerged about the life he led from the unfortunate event. Some photos in a bakery in his hometown Paraguay they made it be believed that “Chava“It was not going well at all, but it was not like that.

In an interview with the Golden Scorpion, the historical Paraguayan forward pointed out that all the rumors that arose around the photos were false; situation that caused him great annoyance.

I did not like that they said that I was working in a bakery, that it was very poor. I started a bakery for my parents so that they could have their businesses and be calm. They told me to pose with the loaves and now”, He explained with the famous youtuber.

He also explained that he has other activities that help you keep a good income.

I have other things that make me money, I have a sports complex, land that I am renting. Right now we no longer have the bakery”, He concluded.

On the other hand, the guaraní counted some bad habits that he and other footballers used to avoid playing; situation for which you would not like to be a technical director.

I would not like to deal with some of the things that we did… We made ourselves injured so as not to train or play a game. I would not like that to happen with me … We did it out of fatigue, there were many games and we felt exhausted. We told the kinesiologist that certain things bother us”, He recounted.


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