The 2021 Mexican GP will be exciting and special

The 2021 Mexican Grand Prix of F1 will be exciting, different, with a different energy after the coronavirus pandemic and also surprises for the fans.

Encountering these types of events again, that will give you a different energy. (The fans) They expect a great race, surprises… It will be a different, but exciting Grand Prix. We are sure that people will have an incredible time, they will be surprised, they will have fun. Make it a great event for everyone ”, he mentioned Rosamaría Treviño, manager of Heineken Mexico, in an interview for Excelsior.

The appointment in Mexico of F1 has always had a special mystique. Now, they will live differently, with the sanitary measures that must be followed.

“The CDMX GP is always special, we have seen it over the years, the party that is generated, the atmosphere that exists, the involvement of the fans inside the stands, always makes it special. Something that seems different to me this year It is the pause we had and the desire we have to live it again And what for me is the great event that returns to CDMX after several months of pandemic, we see that things are going a little better and it allows us to have this type of event, clearly with a number of important sanitary measures for fans who they are going to go to F1, to know that they have to have and present their complete vaccination record, a negative test and this to ensure that, not only is it the best and first, but the first of many more years ”, he mentioned.

Several surprises are expected for fans. At the end of the race there will be a concert, not only with the presentation of DJ Kygo of international stature but also with a local artist.

An ingredient that adds a special seasoning to this GP will be that the World Cup is not yet resolved.

The party, the atmosphere and each topic that is lived in the GP of Mexico have served to be awarded as the Best F1 GP on several occasions.

“The pilots know that coming to Mexico is coming to party and that the atmosphere felt in the stands and what happens before and after is part of all this party that Mexicans love to share with the world,” said Rosamaría.



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