Salvador Cabañas denied having been a baker and living in poverty

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In February 2014, a note originating in Paraguay stated that Salvador Cabañas lived in poverty and that after losing their goods was dedicated to the trade of the bakery, a rumor that seven years later was strongly rejected by the former footballer by stating that he has multiple businesses that help him have money.

“What I didn’t like was that It came out that I was working in a bakery and that I was very poor, that’s a lie. It is not true, I started a bakery for my parents so that they could have their own business at home and that they could live in peace, “explained Chava Cabañas in an interview with El Escorpión Dorado.

Added that the pictures shown corresponded to a photo session together with the workers who were asked by the journalist who interviewed him.

The photographer asked me if I could go out with the staff in the photo and I said ‘I have no problem’; the next day they found out that I was working in a bakery. ”

Has business

Regarding the alleged poverty in which he lived, the Paraguayan commented that has a way of making money, without this contradicting what he had already commented before that his representative and ex-wife deceived him and took most of his assets when he was struggling to survive.

“I have many things that generate money, I have a sports complex, land that I am renting. In Paraguay it is said that I am very bad, that I do not work and that I have no money, but that’s a lie. The things I have make me money, “he explained.


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