Kuri will stay in prison after ‘abandonment’ of his lawyer in hearing

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Fidel Kuri will remain in the Santiaguito de Almoloya de Juárez prison, at least until further notice, after will deny the application of leave under a guarantee of 100 million pesos, all after his lawyer ‘abandoned’ him in the hearing that was final to lose his freedom.

As we will remember, Fidel Kuri is in prison since last month of September facing a charge of fraud, by Arrendadora Internacional Azteca SA de CV, since they should an amount of 140 million pesos.

Kuri, next to his attorney, they had requested a petition to be released after paying one 100 million pesos guarantee, which was considered in a hearing held last Sunday, October 31, but which did not have a positive resolution for him.

Why did your lawyer abandon Fidel Kuri?

According to information from ‘ESPN’, the attorney from Fidel Kuri did not attend the hearing since it had “the commitment to develop various activities in the city of Cancun, Quintana Roo”, so He asked for it to be postponed but was denied.

The audience took place, the ex-owner of Veracruz appeared without defense and before this fact lost the possibility of leaving after pay the 100 million pesos, for which they dictated “justified preventive detention” and that means that he will continue his entire process in prison.

The defending from Kuri argued that they will try to appeal this decision and so recover the precautionary measure that allowed him take your process free, since it is said that the 100 million pesos that they requested were already in their possession.

The debt what contracted Fidel Kuri with Azteca it is said that it was for pay Liga MX the 120 million pesos from penalty fee so that the Veracruz did not descend, which at the end of the day did not help him much, because we all know what happened to the Sharks.


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