Invasion and row in the Miguel Alemán stadium

The game betweens Bulls of Celaya and Los Dorados de Sinaloa ended in scandal when fans of the Bulls, near the end of the meeting, they invaded the field of Miguel Alemán.

When the final whistle sounded, a person came down from the audience, trying to face the goalkeeper of Golden who escaped, his teammates got in the way and the fan ran to the half court where the commissioner He put his foot so that it fell on the grass, but it stopped and tried to attack him.

While this was happening, players de Celaya and Dorados they faced each other, and more people descended from the stands, causing the authorities to be bypassed. So far there are no reports on whether any player, referees or member of the coaching staff was affected.

Liga MX stated in this regard: “Regarding what happened at the Miguel Alemán Stadium, the Liga BBVA Expansión MX he condemns any act of violence, on and off the pitch. Soccer is a passionate and recreational sport. Let’s not overflow with passion in wrong actions, “he wrote on his Twitter account.


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