A secret that all the fans wanted to know comes to light

The lands and beaches of Exatlon they wouldn’t be the same without our wonderful circuits that have caught the attention of millions of viewers at home.

Athletes do not stop making history in the lands of Exatlón

Exatlón figures return to demonstrate their potential.

Men and women dream of traveling the fast-paced circuits that have made your favorite athletes sweat.

The golden circuit de Exatlón is one of the most famous, not only for being the longest, but for containing great obstacles that put the red and blue contestants in trouble.

Between giant coins, hoops, a vault, suspension bridges and drag them, the athletes arrive at a table from which they must throw cubes with empanadas.

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What is the distance between the cube table and the athletes?

The account of TikTok from Exatlon Mexico revealed one of the most requested secrets by fans. And it is that the distance between the cube table and the athletes was finally revealed through a video that surprised fans of red bone.

Athletes take shots with a distance of approximately five meters, so they must throw the empanadas with great force and aim.

The cube table It is key in Exatlon circuits, since the athlete who cleans the table first gets the point.

The best kept secret of Exatlon has been revealed, resulting in all kinds of reactions among fans of the most demanding show on the planet.

“My dream is to run one of the circuits” and “I love the golden circuit”, wrote the fans in our official account of TikTok from Exatlón Mexico.

Legends such as Mati Álvarez, Aristeo Cázares, Evelyn Guijarro and Javi Márquez have gathered at the golden circuit, same that has given unforgettable moments.

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