They dedicate the altar of the dead to the unborn in Medicine of the UAdeC

This year, the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Coahuila based in Saltillo, decided to offer an altar of the dead for aborted boys and girls in order to commemorate the souls of those who were never born.

The altar was placed since last October 29 as part of the initiative of one of the groups and their teacher after beginning with the assembly of the altar of the dead of the Faculty.

As part of the offering, toys and sweets were placed in honor of the unborn, in addition to illustrative images of embryos, allusive to those they were not born.

“In order to perpetuate our traditions, a group of students and their teacher undertook the task of setting up an altar for the dead; from them came the idea of ​​making an altar for human beings whose life ended before they were born “, reported Jesús Ángel Padilla Gámez, director of the Faculty of Medicine.

In accordance with Padilla Gámez, this activity is a sample respect for human life, so that the journey that is undertaken from birth to death is remembered.

“We hope that the initiative of the group is interpreted by the community as a show of affection and respect for human life, which begins from conception and ends with death “, he concluded.

Children’s souls

According to the tradition of the Day of the Dead, October 31 and November 1 the arrival of the children who died without being baptized is remembered and expected.

To them, an offering of flowers, toys, dishes with sweets, bread and candles is made. On day 2 of the dead, the arrival of the souls of the deceased in adulthood is expected.


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