The best of Carlos Tevez’s passage on ESPN F12

Carlos Tevez went through ESPN F12 for an exclusive interview in which he talked about Boca Juniors, his relationship with Juan Román Riquelme and the Football Council, the title taken from River in the local tournament, the final of the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores in Madrid and his future in professional football.

Here are the best Apache phrases:

– “People make me feel very affectionate.”

“I don’t miss playing football, I’m having a great time with my family. When I watch the games, I don’t miss”.

“I don’t even know what I’m going to do in the future, everyone asks me”.



In dialogue with FÚTBOL12, the idol xeneize told about his pressures and personal problems that he suffered in his last months playing.

“It is not easy to play for a year knowing that your old man has no chances. Many times at halftime he cried and went out to play as if nothing had happened. I knew that my old man was happy that he played and he did it for him”.

– “The people of Boca gave me the strength to continue, but at the time I couldn’t take it anymore.”



In dialogue with FOOTBALL12, Carlos Tevez clarified that his departure from Boca was for personal reasons and that if he plays again it is abroad.

“Alfaro did not endorse his words with actions”.



The former Boca striker and the moment he went to play in Asia and then returned to win the love of the Boca fan again.

– “When I came back from China I felt the murmur of La Bombonera”.

“When you lose someone you love as my old man was, you think that the pain will pass but it was getting bigger and bigger.”

“If there is a future, it is abroad. I will not play for another club in Argentina other than Boca”.

– “I wouldn’t do anything different, I don’t regret anything.”

“The last championship that we took from River was something dreamed of, it was not easy to overcome that”.

– “Everything happened through trust, one does not forget to play football”.



In a dialogue with FÚTBOL12, Carlos Tevez told how he felt with some sayings and highlighted the support of his teammates and the coaching staff.

“The relationship with Roman is good”.

– “If things went wrong, it was Tevez’s fault. I always had the support of my colleagues.”



In a talk with FÚTBOL12, Carlos Tevez expressed what he feels every time he talks to Boca fans and highlighted the gratitude he feels for them.

“When Madrid happened, there were few players who wanted to stay. It was easier to say ‘I want to go’ and they left. I value people like Cali and Wanchope who stayed to fight it”.



Carlitos told FOOTBALL 12 how he experienced the departure of several footballers from Madrid until today.

– “Wanchope didn’t have to go as he left, it bothered me as captain and as leader as he did.”

– “I feel like an idol of Boca, a piece of my heart I left there.”

“Zeballos is going to be a phenomenon”.

“We all dream of being a Boca coach”.



In dialogue with FOOTBALL12, Carlos Tevez analyzed the meeting in River and Boca, also highlighted the current coach of xeneize.

“Seba has many things about Bianchi. Carlos when we were visiting in the Cup he played more defensive than offensive. Against River he did that, but hey … Carlos had more back”.

– “You have to be patient with Battaglia.”



In a talk with FÚTBOL12, the idol of Xeneize clarified that if he dedicates himself to the strictly institutional, it will not be with the aim of going against someone in particular but with the idea of ​​carrying out a project.

– “If I decide to be a Boca leader, I will prepare. I don’t want to be voted on for what I was as a player, if I show up it will be with a project. I don’t want to be an impromptu leader “.

– “If you are not clear about things in politics, they pass you by”.



Carlitos told about his days in Boca with the new leadership.

– “I had little dialogue with the Council, I made things clear from the first moment. I did not want to be screwed, I was the last to go to show the boys how to do things.”

– “I don’t miss getting up at six in the morning to train, but I keep doing it to be well.”

“I want Boca to always win, to win the Argentine Cup, to qualify for the Libertadores and to win it. I will always want the best for Boca.”.



Apache told in FOOTBALL 12 how he got along with the coach before and after his departure to China.

“With Guillermo I had made a mistake. I was in doubt if I wanted to sign the contract, I came to the locker room and my family hugged me and they told me not to leave. In that, I went and told Guillermo: ‘Count on me, I’m going stay. ‘Then I went to my house and thinking cold, I decided to leave. I was on the subject of my marriage, they robbed my house, we went on vacation and I forgot to call Guillermo among all that, I was wrong “.

– “European football is totally different, there you can sleep after playing. Not here, they hit a lot and you end up mentally and physically exhausted.”



In dialogue with FOOTBALL12, Carlitos said that he likes Scaloni’s team and also highlighted the moment of Messi.

“I see Leo (Messi) happy, he’s happy and comfortable”.

“Gallardo is the best coach in the history of River and, currently, of Argentina. I like how River plays, he has things clear and knows what he wants”.

– “I don’t know if they set up the team for Miguel (Russo), we didn’t know if it happened.”

– “It hurt me how everything about Pol (Fernández) happened and I talked about it with Miguel. We were champions with him on the field and he had three months left on his contract.”

– “I didn’t like how Miguel left, he’s a DT who won a lot with Boca”.

“Today they are no longer dying to play in Boca, the contracts are before”.

“If Villa wants to go, you have to let him go. If he does not want to be on the field to defend the colors, he has to go. It is very difficult to be in his shoes, but the leadership became strong because the offer did not I convinced them and that Villa did not understand “.



The idol of Xeneize referred to the moment in which Guillermo asked for the ex-Vélez.

“Zárate told me, that they were bringing him to replace me”.

– “When I came back, they gave me the keys to the club and I didn’t want the keys to the club, I just wanted to play. At first there was no problem, but after the first year it became complicated.”

– “I enjoyed everything in Boca, if you know how to wear it, it’s much easier than everyone thinks.”

– “In China I tore my calf three times, I had never had injuries. I must have only played three months.”

– “My family was the pillar so that I did not fall outside and inside my colleagues, they always supported me. They always believed in me.”

“Any tribute that is made to Diego, it will be little. The strange thing, it is like we are all waiting for him to appear”.

“Between the coach, the manager and the player the coach is winning a little bit the race, I think”.


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