Revealed intimacies of his life and F1 races in new series

The Mexican pilot of Formula One, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez, narrated various intimacies of his life and his racing career, in confessions for the series ‘For Real’, by Red bull, in which he tells the intimacies of his profession.

“I got hungry at night, I knew where the food was and I ate chicken and potatoes. The cook was not happy to have me there, the next day he said, I lack food,” said the motorist, remembering when he had to share in the 2005 with a cook in a restaurant room in Germany.

From Guadalajara, Perez He was passionate about racing since he was a child. In the episode, he tells of his school days, when he traveled Mexico to be at the races and sometimes on Monday he would come to school almost asleep.

Checo Pérez waving during an event

The brother of ‘Czech‘I was running Formula 4 in the United Kingdom and the runner soon understood that if he intended to compete in the Formula One He had to emigrate to Europe, but for that he needed money. In the early mornings of Mexico, he would get up to contact the European teams by phone in search of opportunities, which made his parents angry, due to the high accounts of the calls.

Pérez, 31, is in fourth place in the drivers’ standings and with the leader of the season, Max verstappen, they have Net Bull in the second seat of the pilots competition.

This year ‘Czech‘ came to Red bull, team with which he won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and achieved another three podiums so far in the 2021 season, which will continue next Sunday with the Grand Prix of Mexico, in which Perez will run at home, supported by the fans.


The episode of ‘For Real‘is supported by an animated version of the stories told by the pilot, who recalled buying a one-way ticket to Europe, in a kind of leap into the void, in search of the dream that he is fulfilling today.

“I am extremely fortunate to have such a good career in the Formula One. It started as a crazy project by a crazy kid: calling people at 4am, not speaking English. I am extremely proud of that child. No matter how crazy your dream sounds, it can definitely be possible, “he noted.


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