Netflix, Czech in Red Bull, post-lockdown furor … F1, gold moment

Only two months ago, the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez de la Mexico City it was still the headquarters of a covid hospital, since the pandemic forced the expansion of options for a population in need of care.

That scenario will now give way to completely different images, partying, from the return of the Formula 1 with the Grand Prix of Mexico, the first massive event in the capital of the country since the beginning of the pandemic, with several factors that cause an expectation never before seen in our country.

“The Formula 1 it is booming globally. Specifically in Mexico is having a golden moment, so to speak, which is a by-product of many circumstances; for example, the Netflix series has helped to reach many homes in the world ”, he explained Rodrigo Sanchez, director of Marketing and Public Relations of the Grand Prix of Mexico, Half time.

“Checo returns as a two-time winner of the Formula 1, running with one of the best teams currently in the championship. The sum of all these little things helps the popularity of sport”.

The Mexican GP returned in 2015. and the best result of Czech Pérez have been two seventh places, in 2017 and 2019. However, now in Red bull come back with two podiums in the last two races, as it was third place in Turkey and USA. Earlier in June it was also third place in France and won in Azerbaijan, in addition to that in December 2020 he won in Bahrain.

This is complemented by the yearning for the year of waiting that the Mexican fans experienced in 2020 because the Big prize at Rodriguez Brothers it was one of the 13 races canceled due to the pandemic, in addition to the fact that in general Formula 1 It has been one of the fastest growing sports in recent months.


The series “Drive to Survive” from Netflix and the income of the Formula 1 to the eSports have caused a growth of 99% in interaction of audiences on social networks, the highest figure among large sports organizations, since for example the Bundesliga it grew 51% in that category, its closest pursuer.

According to a study prepared by Nielsen Sports in April 2021, the F1 could arrive to one billion fans on April 2022, with 77% of that growth thanks to the interest of people between 16 and 35 years of age, which is of great hope for the future.

This is because in addition Formula 1 features young riders who shine off the slopes, like Lando norris, who has an average of 18 million views in their broadcasts on Twitch, or Lewis hamilton with 24.5 million followers on Instagram.


According to calculations by the organizers, the Big prize leaves a spill of $ 700 million to Mexico City each year, in addition to originating about 9 thousand jobs, either direct or indirect, this according to data from the Tourism Secretariat. These figures add to the sports part so that the reactivation is so desired, and for which a deep plan has already been outlined so that everything flows smoothly in an event that expects an approximate of 340 thousand people.

“As of today, we are the event that has the sanitary protocol most robust in the country, because over the course of almost a year and a half that we worked from home we did comprehensive analysis not only what happened in Mexico but around the world, obviously seeing other great prizes where there have been a lot of people recently, “he said. Sanchez.

“We tried to design a protocol that was adequate for the characteristics that prevail in the Mexico City. The important thing is that people feel cared, safe. Hopefully it’s a case of success of how they returned to this industry ”, he added.


This year the fight to be the Best Event will have two serious contenders, since Netherlands and USA they were filled with color and congregated until 400 thousand fans, something that the Mexican organization does not worry about, since they continue with the same idea of ​​providing best experience to the fan. If he comes further behind he will be welcome, but here they are involved in the idea that Mexico wear all that color that characterizes it.

“The dates on which we celebrate the Grand Prix of Mexico are very attractive to the international market, more or less 30 percent of fans come from out of the country, in addition to the fact that there is a lot of tourism from the different states of Mexico who come to the city to celebrate the Formula 1”Said Sánchez.

“We have one planned opening ceremony, obviously there are things that have been modified, but we have planned something nice so we can celebrate the return of Formula 1 to Mexico”, He complemented.

Just a few hours from Grand Prix of Mexico, now what is repeated in the Rodriguez Brothers They are the workers who seek the “fine-tuning” of the circuit, where they polish details so that both fans and protagonists experience a weekend as special as the previous five races were, where he was recognized as the Best Event of the Year in the FIA Americas Awards. He does it with Sergio perez as a candidate to win it and at a stage that stops F1 live an unusual boom.


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