‘It was a moment full of anguish, of fear’

After he received a bullet in the left armpit on Sunday, during the match between Huracán Las Heras and Ferro de Pico (of the Tercera División de Argentina), Mauricio Romero, coach of the Ferro and former player of Morelia, Atlante and Puebla, spoke exclusively with RECORD, recounted the moment and said he felt lucky, since the consequences could be fatal.

“It was a critical moment that I never thought would happen. The game was very important to us because we could qualify, the team we faced no longer had a chance, the rival’s fans have their antecedents, but you never believe what happened.

“People started running, shots rang out and we thought it was something between the bars; until I felt an impact in the armpit, it scared me a lot, it was a very strong impact, when I fell to protect myself I felt the area, they dragged me into the tunnel, I saw that a bullet grazed me and by centimeters, I’m counting it by a miracle ” , said to RECORD.

The game that on the scoreboard was 3-1 in favor of the local, but it was the moment that the ‘Pampas‘He qualifies as the most complicated that football has made him experience and therefore hinted at the possibility of dedicating himself to something else.

Mauricio Romero as a Puebla player

“I went through fear, anguish and anger that make you rethink many things about this sport that is wonderful, but it makes you rethink things, and honestly this makes me rethink and what path to take. Today I can tell it, but I hope they take action on the matter so that it does not happen again on a soccer field.

“It was a moment of anguish, fear. Yes he was the strongest because his life was at risk, you know about my injury that was also a very rough blow because I could never regain my level, but this overcomes that situation because a tragedy could have happened, “he said.


Mauricio Romero as a Morelia player


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