El Salvador only fined for throwing objects at Memo Ochoa, without veto

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While Mexico was sanctioned with two veto matches for the homophobic cry, El Salvador only received an economic fine for the behavior of his fans at the Cuscatlán Stadium, precisely during the Tricolor’s visit to the Salvadorans within the Octagonal heading to Qatar 2022.

Salvadorans threw objects at Memo Ochoa

Through an official document in which he recapitulated all the penalties applicable to the Selections, the FIFA pointed out that in the clashes between El Salvador against Honduras (September 5) and Mexico on October 13, the spectators did not have a good behavior and were dedicated to throw various objects such as bags of water, glasses, lighters and else.

This behavior was more noticeable in the duel against Gerardo Martino’s team, in which Guillermo Ochoa was one of the main objectives of the local cheer when the goalkeeper of America had to play in front of them.

The Economic fine for the Salvadoran Federation amounts to 12,500 Swiss francs, that is, 287 thousand Mexican pesos for the actions against the Aztec team, a match that the Mexicans won with annotations by Héctor Moreno and Raúl Alonso Jiménez.

On the other hand, the more severe punishment that the Salvadoran workforce received was a fine of 30 thousand francs (688 thousand Mexican pesos) and a limited-entry match of the fans, this is due to what happened in the match against the United States on September 2, in which according to FIFA there were discriminatory acts, in addition to the invasion on the field showing the lack of security protocols within Cuscatlán.


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