Duggan reacts to Mati’s blow in Game of Legends

The Time Games they started in

Exatlon Mexico
, where one of the aspects that most attracted attention was the defeat of Mati Alvarez in view of Ximena Duggan.

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The 25-year-old from Puebla returned with the yellow uniform that characterizes The leyends, a group made up of eight athletes who in their previous passage through the successful contest managed to leave a legacy.

Weather Games in Exatlón México

The duels took place in the second part of the program, after the Guardians attacked Strength and they got a successful defense.

Subsequently, Antonio Rosique gave an energetic speech in ceremony to welcome Keno Martell, Valery Carranza, Ernesto Cázares, Mati Álvarez, Aristeo Cázares, Evelyn Guijarro, Javi Márquez and Jazmín Hernández.

However, the highest representatives of the contest were defeated by the New generation of athletes, but in this development it was the duel of Mati Álvarez and Ximena Duggan the one that most impacted the public.

Duggan says ‘sad’ because of the blow he received from Mati

The second race was starred Duggan and Álvarez; However, the latter presented certain flaws that made it lose; such was the mistake of throwing an opposite cube and throwing a ‘pie’ at the back of his opponent.

In the end, the drummer of Conquerors he took the victory; However, his feelings regarding how the fair took place was as follows:

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Mati is my friend, so how to see that she turned to see me with a face of ‘What’s wrong!’, Yes it was a bit sad


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