Chivas is not PSG, but ‘wastes’ millions in salaries of three veterans

The words of the owner of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Amaury Vergara, echoed in the rojiblanca fans by ‘collapsing’ the dream of repatriating their homegrown players, Carlos Vela and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, as well as his former midfielder Rodolfo Pizarro, ruling that these players had very high demands on their salary, which were unsustainable for the Herd.

Amaury has a point in his favor, because of the players with whom the fans of Chivas dreams, they are all well above what their ‘average’ salary can pay, all of them surpassing their highest paid player, Oribe Peralta.

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Precisely that same argument is the one that makes the fans of the chiverío boil, because Guadalajara has wasted 2 million dollars per season on a footballer in decline, who has added little or nothing in his stay in the team.

El Cepillo pockets a salary of 2 million dollars free per season and in addition to this case, the Flock wastes a percentage of the 1.3 million dollars of José Juan Vázquez’s salary, who continues to be part of the payroll of Guadalajara to despite being on loan with Toluca, being the second strongest salary they have to cover.

Jesús Molina is unofficially placed as another of the players with the best salary in Chivas, although in the case of the captain of the Flock, the exact amount he receives is unknown.

In the case of the ‘dream reinforcements’ of Guadalajara, Carlos Vela is the player with the best contract in the MLS with a purse of 6.3 million dollars per season, followed by Chicharito with 6 million, Rodolfo Pizarro with 3.5 and Alana Pulido with her 2.2 million.

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