The day that Valdano brought Joserra to Coapa to talk with Maradona

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Everything is to win the note; if you don’t believe us, ask Jose Ramon Fernandez, the father of anti-Americanism who was presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity during the 1986 World Cup, but to fulfill his objective he had to betray one of his highest principles: having to step on the Club América to be hand in hand with Diego Armando Maradona.

The veteran communicator told the anecdote of his interview with Maradona during the World Cup that, in the end, Argentina would conquer with Diego in his best version, the one that made him a football immortal crowned in the mythical Azteca Stadium, but the meeting of both characters occurred before the quarterfinal game against England, one of the most remembered in the history of football.

Valdano asked Joserra for a favor for Maradona

By then, Jorge Valdano was a partner of D10S in the Albiceleste team and it was he who called José Ramón directly to ask him a huge favor, since Maradona was sad with the Mexicans and appealed to the journalist to reverse the image they had.

“At the end of a Los Protagonistas program they told me from the production booth that I had a call from Jorge Valdano. I answered and it was him, at that time he was an Argentine player in the World Cup, “Fernández told the Hora Cero channel on YouTube.

“He told me that he knew me from television shows and that he wanted to ask me for a favor. He told me that Diego was sad because he felt that no Mexican supported them and that if there was something he could help, the next day he was playing England. We agreed, but as a condition I put him to get me an interview with Maradona“.

José Ramón slipped into Coapa thanks to Valdano

With the cards on the table, Valdano -who would establish a great relationship with Joserra and accompanied him as an analyst in several World Cups- confirmed the interview with Diego Armando, but one of the big obstacles that Jose Ramon Fernandez had to get around was enter Club América, where Argentina was concentrated during the World Cup.

“Valdano accepted, but I told him that I could not enter Coapa because he spoke very badly of America. We talked about it, Jorge gave me details to enter through an alternate door and there he was waiting for me, I entered Coapa and I talked for 10 minutes with Maradona. Then I had to narrate the Goal of the Century and the Hand of God, honestly I never saw the hand at the time, “he explained.


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