Tata Martino reserved Macías and Arteaga for next Tri games

Forgotten by Gerardo Martino for everything that goes from the World Cup qualifying, José Juan Macías and Gerardo Arteaga already they were reserved so they can go with the Mexican team for the November matches against the United States and Canada, at the close of the 2021 Tricolor activity.

The Directorate of Selections Nationals He has already sent the letters to Getafe and Genk of Belgium to advise that both players may be called for said matches, which had not happened for the two previous calls, when the Mexican Soccer Federation he didn’t even send those missives. FIFA establishes that protocol for players who are abroad.

They were both relegated by Tata Martino after refuse to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, now the Argentine coach contemplates having them in front of him to chat with them about their attitudes and find out how far their commitment to him can go. Tri.

The Mexican team will visit the United States in Cincinnati on Friday, November 12 and from there he will travel to play against Canada on the 16th of the same month, in Edmonton, in what will be games 7 and 8 (out of a total of 14) of the Octagonal from Concacaf towards Qatar 2022.

Why have they been relegated?

In order to avoid new episodes like Chicharito Hernández, who is erased from the Tricolor because in his last calls they did not like several of his attitudes, Martino will now call Macías and Arteaga, after the first has also had rudeness that has not pleased the coaching staff, while the second minimized the importance of going to the Olympics.

At the end of 2019, the Chivas youth squad was considered by Martinor as the second striker of the Tri, as who had to learn from Raúl Jiménez. However, the concentration for a friendly against Guatemala in September 2020 It was the one that caused the displeasure of Tata, who no longer gave him minutes for that game, when instead he looked Henry Martin.

For this reason, it was only contemplated by the Tri Sub 23. However, Macías asked to have different treatment from the rest of the players in travel, as preferential seats on flights, as happened for the tour that the Tri Menor did through Europe prior to Tokyo 2020.

After that, Macías preferred to get off the process arguing an injury and the need to focus on his signing with Getafe, with whom he immediately played a friendly, despite the fact that he was allegedly injured.

For its part, Arteaga asked not to be called to Olympic si did not have the guarantee of being the owner, since it assured that he preferred to see his family last summer, after he spent a year in Belgium without being able to visit him, due to the pandemic.

Thus, both are expected to be called for the list that Martino will announce next Thursday. The idea is for them to focus on Indianapolis, where El Tri will spend four days leading up to the game in Cincinnati, located a couple of hours’ drive from the prep venue.

Tata wishes to have a face-to-face talk with the two players to express in full color the reasons why they had not been considered after their refusal last summer.

Arteaga is the undisputed starter with Genk of Belgium and can compete without problems for the title as a left back with Jesús Gallardo, while Macías has been relegated in Getafe where the new coach, Quique Sánchez Flores does not summon him on occasions, not even to be on the bench.

Julián Araujo will be another surprise

The Directorate of National Teams also sent the letter of request to Los Angeles Galaxy for tosplit to Julián Araujo, defender who recently changed Federation before FIFA to now represent Mexico.

Araujo, who works as a right back, you will have your first contact with the rest of the Mexican National Team and the coaching staff, because in the first instance the idea was that it was in the last friendly game against Ecuador, but the Galaxy did not give it up because it was not a FIFA Date.


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