Netflix raises its price again, so they will be from November

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Netflix, streaming platform, once again it will increase its price in Mexico. This after in May 2020, the price increased due to a digital tax. What will be the new economic amount that must be paid for your service? Will the cost of your plans go up a lot? Here we tell you what we know about this new cost increase in the Netflix service, where it is possible to watch movies, series and documentaries.

According to a report from Netflix, the new prices of your service will be applied from this month –November 2021– which will be applied in two of the three plans offered by the streaming platform.

The price of the basic plan, that is, for a single screen, will have the same price. While the standard plan and the Premium, they will have a slight increase. This is how the new Netflix prices will be:

  • Basic plan: 139 pesos (continues with the same price).
  • Standard plan: 219 pesos (before 196 pesos).
  • Premium plan: 299 pesos (before 266 pesos).

The price increase responds to the need “to continue investing in new series and films, as well as in our platform,” said a company spokesperson.

“The price of the Basic plan will not change, since we want to continue offering different plan options, ranging from 139 pesos per month, so that people can choose the cost that best suits their budget,” he added.

The new prices of the streaming platform already appear on the official Netflix page. From today, November 1, users will receive an email to notify them of price adjustments.

“These prices apply to new members and will gradually go into effect for all current members. Existing members will receive an email notification 30 days before their plan price changes, unless they change plans, ”Netflix reported.



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