Mauricio Romero recounts terror after being shot in Argentina

The former player and today technical director of Ferro de Pico, Mauricio Romero, was shot and wounded during a tournament match Federal A (third division) of Argentine soccer and it was the affected person who recounted the moments of anguish that he lived.

The Pampa Romero, who will shine in Mexico with Monarcas Morelia, described the ‘scary‘the environment on the field of Hurricane Las Heras de Mendoza.

We hear shotsAt first it was confusing, one imagines it was pyrotechnics. But when we saw bullfights in the stands of the premises we understood that it was serious. There were bars entering the field of play, the referee stopped the game … More gunshots, many detonations were heard, we did not have time to run, we felt the buzz of bullets, on our bench there were two bullet impacts, it was scary“, said.

Rosemary, who will play in the MX League from 2007 to 2015 with clubs like Morelia, Atlante, Puebla and Dorados de Sinaloa, He affirmed that he was ‘lucky’, because although he felt fear when he felt the impact of the bullet, he could tell that ‘it would not happen to adults’.

Fear, anguish, I was lucky... When the shooting starts, I feel an impact in the armpit area, I panicked, I touched myself, I realized that I hadn’t gotten older and we went into the tunnels. Scared, anguished by what happened, but I can tell you. “

Finally, Rosemary called for this type of situation to disappear from the Argentine soccer.

It’s distressing that these things keep happening in Argentine soccer, these mafias have not been eradicated. The situation in the country in general is very sad, that we have to wait for something serious to happen so that decisions are made, “he said.


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