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Eating that ‘treat’ disproportionately, ‘snacking’ due to stress or anxiety After hours or ingesting too many sweets can not only affect our weight, but also our performance at work and in our daily activities. Therefore, we must make an effort to eat healthy.

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It is important to ration our food in such a way that we do not arrive excessively hungry for important meals such as lunch or dinner; but that we do not eat uncontrollably or abuse calories between meals”, Says Dr. Giovanna Valdespino, head of Preventive Programs at Sanitas.

If, on the contrary, we consume snacks that provide us with energy and are low in calories, we can give ourselves a healthy and delicious eating habit.“Added the executive, who does not bring a list of snacks that we can consume without guilt and we are sure that we are taking care of our health.

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  1. Unsweetened Greek Yogurt with Blueberries: This is a protein packed, low carb, sweet snack to control cravings.
  2. Apple with almond butter: Combining a good amount of a low calorie food, such as strawberries or green apple, along with a healthy fat like almond butter, will result in a nutritious, balanced snack that will keep you satiated for hours.
  3. Hummus with vegetables: For those who prefer salty flavors and need to make sure they are eating enough veggies throughout the day, hummus made with chickpeas and sesame paste is a good quality protein-packed dip that goes great with carrots, celery, etc. other vegetables.
  4. Whole wheat bread with avocado and feta cheese: If you want to eat bread or biscuits, it is always better to opt for the whole wheat version. For a flavor and macronutrient boost, you can add a variety of options. One is avocado and feta cheese; or unsweetened jam and mozzarella cheese; or cherry tomatoes and olive oil. The combinations depend on your palate and your creativity.
  5. Hard-boiled egg: there is no doubt that the egg is the king of foods. It’s highly nutritious, inexpensive, and will keep you full for hours.
  6. Unsalted walnuts: Peanuts, almonds, pistachios and natural cashews are foods full of healthy fats, they are very satisfying and, therefore, excellent options for snacks. Nuts are high in calories so you have to control your portion. Ideally, it should be just a handful.
  7. Dark chocolate: For those moments when there is a drop of energy, there is nothing like two squares of dark chocolate. The perfect stimulant that will instantly quell sweet cravings.
  8. Coffee shake: If you want to take advantage of all the stimulating benefits of coffee and control fatigue, an excellent option is to add the milk of your choice, instant coffee, a pinch of cinnamon and ice to taste in the blender.

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