Fidel Kuri loses appeal to TV Azteca and will remain in prison without the right to bail

After being apprehended by the Mexican authorities, the former owner of the Red Sharks of Veracruz of the Liga MX, Fidel Kuri Grajales, is in prison and after a final hearing, Tv Azteca was declared the winner of the appeal, so the manager will remain in prison.

This was made known by Ignacio Suárez, who reported on the result of the hearing, which resulted in the refusal of bail for Kuri Grajales and he was sentenced to preventive detention.

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“Hearing of @fidelkugra ends and @azteca wins appeal of precautionary measures and the judge revokes it. -The leader will NOT be able to leave on bail, or paying 100 million pesos. will appeal. ” Wrote the journalist.

Thus, Kuri will remain in prison and will not be able to be released on bail until a new response is given, as his lawyers will try again to appeal his freedom under the payment of 100 million pesos.

Fidel Kuri was arrested for fraud after not paying a loan to TV Azteca, which he received to pay the demotion fine and prevent Veracruz from losing the category.

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