Cruz Azul 2-1 America. Goals and summary of the Young Classic of Liga MX

Blue Cross dream about the liguilla, he has it in his hands, he depends on himself. At the right time the Mexican soccer champion did not fail, he showed that he has the combative spirit, that although he needs things to improve, he is waking up at the right time. The Machine beat an America 2-1 in the hour That seemed to add a point that would help him morally, but again the errors in defense end up condemning him.

After the midweek game in Monterrey, Santiago Solari made several changes to his starting team, because of the wear and tear and because there was no longer a numerical risk in the game, and because there are also players that he must recover for the Liguilla, because if something was clear after the game against Rayados, it is that the bottom of the wardrobe is short or not at a good level.

Blue Cross, on the other hand, he had no other, it had to be a daring team, the tournament still presented him with the possibility of reach the Liguilla directly, but he had to recover his football memory, the one that led them to glory a few months ago. He sought to be front from the start La Machine, which had the first con Orbelín who lost it to Ochoa, but there was already offside foreplay.

It was The Machine the squad that had the best intentions, the one who took the initiative and the one who had a clearer idea of ​​what he intended, although he also lacked that spark of lucidity to have better fortune in the last pass or in the final shot.

Juan Reynoso’s team made an effort, He was looking for both sides, he even scored the goal, when Giménez left the area and sent a cross that reached the heart of the area, Orbelín finished it with decision, but the VAR warned the referee, Luis Enrique Santander, who was offside due to a slight deviation from Alvarado.

Start over from MachineWhile America was a more contemplative team, it did not take action, because it lacked the ball for it, neither Córdova nor Benedetti acted as drivers, someone who would pass the ball to a willful, but unnoticed Federico Viñas.

America had one about the end of the first half, when Benedetti won the ball from Romo, lCordova dragged, who at the edge of the area had faith and shot with his left foot, but his shot was drowned by the line without even taking the direction of goal.

The award for the effort of Cruz Azul came just before the break, when The Machine pressed in search of the goal, Romo quickly took a corner, Alvarado took the ball, made space and hit him with his left, the ball entered the left post of Ochoa, who could do nothing to prevent the goal.

America He took action in the complement, at least that was the attitude he transmitted at the start, but going for a draw forced him to play more openly. It was a hand in hand to which Cruz Azul did not make him ugly. Giménez headed a stopped ball and Ochoa turned off the danger.

The Eagles responded with a good play by Layún who left Rivero and put a good center, Viñas won the position from Aguilar, the Uruguayan rose and hammered the ball, Corona could do nothing. There was a game at Azteca and again The Machine was bound to win.

Command Reynoso to Cabecita and Yotún when there was half an hour left, more packaging to go for the win, but it was Layún the one who came closest, the Aguilas midfielder shook the stick with a mid-range shot.

In added time came a penalty that changed history, Bruno gave the ball at the exit to Cabecita, who assisted Orbelín, he shot and Ochoa saved, but the referee went to the VAR and scored a penalty after the review. Jonathan Rodríguez scored and gave the victory to The Machine, a triumph that puts him closer to the Liguilla. The sky blue box has two more games, if it wins them, it will be in the party among the best four. And America, America is still in a state of depression.


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