Are you going to buy televisions in El Buen Fin? These are the best brands according to Profeco – El Financiero

As November approaches, the Good End is also closer and with this season thousands of offers come in products such as watches, furniture, and household appliances, but without a doubt the star piece of the offers and the most acquired are televisions.

The number of models and brands is quite wide so it can be overwhelming and in the end you can go without the best product, so the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office carried out a quality study of 20 different models and brands to make your decision more easy.

In the study carried out last year, LED screens of 40 to 43 inches and 49 to 55 inches were tested, all of these were Smart TV models.

One thousand 166 tests were applied to each of these, in which they carried out nine tests to verify their attributes such as audio and image quality.

Most of the televisions put to the test obtained a very good result when it comes to image quality, but among all those that stood out were:

Panasonic TC-50GX500X / Mexico / 4K / 50 ″ had qualification “Excellent” (E) in contrast performance and black level; and of “Very good” (MB) in color, uniformity and audio.

The Panasonic TC-55GX500X / Mexico / 4K / 55 ″ had “AND“In color, contrast and black level,”B”In uniformity and audio; and the Atvio ATV5016ILED / Mexico / Full HD / 50 ″ received “AND”In black level and uniformity; “MB“In contrast and”B”In color and audio.

The Makena / 40S2 / México / Full HD / 40 ′ ‘, Atvio / ATV-43UHD / México / 43 ′’ and JVC / SI43US / México / UHD / 43 ′ ‘models provide performance “acceptable“Enough to see well the air channels of free TV and videos and movies on the Internet, say the data from Profeco.

When we talk about good audio quality, but with a moderate volume, there are LG / 43UN7300PUC / México / 43 ′ ‘, LG / 43UN7100PUA / México / 43 ′’, Samsung / UN50TU7000F / México / 50 ′ ”.


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