Was the boat too small for you? Ronaldinho and his reasons for leaving the club

One of the best footballers that FC Barcelona has had Without at doubt it is Ronaldinho, player who marked an era with his Joga Bonito and his great goals. The brazilian left the club in 2008 and despite the multiple rumors that existed at the time, he was in charge of revealing what led him to leave the club.

Ronaldinho will always be remembered for the magic he wasted on the field, so much so that even the Santiago Bernabéu stood up and applauded him, so his unexpected departure from Barcelona left many unknowns, which he was going to reveal.

Why did Ronaldinho leave Barcelona?

Speaking in an interview with ‘Uno TV’, in 2017, Dinho explained that his cycle at Barcelona had ended, Well, he had already won practically everything and there was nothing more to do. Said ‘got tired of winning’ with the Culés although it should not be misunderstood, since He clarified that as a player he always looked for new challenges.

A cycle was ending, I got tired of winning it all (laughs) well, not having more challenges. Almost all of us players were looking for new goals. We spoke with the managers and we ended up leaving many and also the coach in search of new dreams. It did not affect my spirits because I knew that I could fulfill my dreams in another clubDinho mentioned.

At the time it was said that Ronaldinho had a bad relationship with Pep Guardiola, who I arrive to the bench in 2008. It was said that he did not want him to ‘spoil Messi’, since he liked the party, rumor that the Brazilian was in charge of denying.

It was my decision. I had already met my goals and needed new challenges. With Pep Guardiola we always had a good friendship. He trained the subsidiary and I had a relationship with Pere, his brother, for sportswear issues. I was always very direct and open with everyone. I had not tired of playing, but I did need new things. Those who remain unemployed do not evolve, “said Ronaldinho.

The ex ’10’ of Barcelona he won everything with the club, because in 207 games and contributing 94 goals, was crowned on Spanish LaLiga, Spanish Super Cup, Champions League, in addition to what he achieved with the Brazilian National Team at the time.


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