The world’s most expensive tennis shoes, sold for $ 1.5 million

In the world of fashion there are garments and accessories that can be worth millions for the brand, the design or the exclusive materials used. But there are also cases in which the price is dictated by the history behind it, such is the case of the most expensive tennis shoes in the world.

The tennis in question are the Nikes oldest known of Michael Jordan used in regular season. Its first use is attributed to the fifth game of the National Basketball Association (NBA) of Jordan, played on November 1, 1984.

These sports shoes, which have a design that predates even the Air Jordan 1, they were sold in 1 million 472 thousand dollars. The cost is already impressive, but it may have disappointed sellers a bit who were hoping to top 1.5 million.

This millionaire pair are about Air Ship white with red of the American number 13, signed by Michael Jordan. The signature of course gives it value, but the tennis shoes are also historical because it was a test that Nike made with the NBA star before releasing them to the market.

According to the auction house itself, 1984 was the year that Nike gave Michael Jordan his own line of tennis and sportswear, something essential for her to later agree to sign with the brand. It was the first time Nike He did something like this and paved the way for all the player collaborations that have been going on ever since.

tennis_mas_caros-4.jpeg (Photo: Sotheby´s)

Air Jordan or Air Ship

The term Air jordan was later coined by the agent of Michael Jordan, David Falk. Apparently, he came up with the name because Nike tennis they had air in the soles to cushion falls and because, of course, Jordan played basketball in the air.

The model Nike Air Ship is a key part of the genesis of what the brand would be Air jordan, Then when Michael Joined the NBA, he preferred tennis with low soles so he could feel the court under his feet.

In the process of creating the Air Jordan 1, Nike supplied the player with a limited number of Nike Air Chips, some of which had engraved “Air jordan“Or”Nike Air”On the heels. The sneakers that were sold in the auction, they have only “Air”, Which is an unusual example of this first batch.

tennis_mas_caros-7.jpeg (Photo: Sotheby´s)

Designed by Bruce Kilgore, the “Air Ship”Were originally released in 1984 and were the first basketball shoes used by Michael Jordan as a professional in the NBA. In preseason and early games of his rookie year, Michael used a color scheme White and red, and also some black and red ones (which are now known as “Bred”) that Nike designed exclusively for him.

Jordan’s Forbidden Tennis

These Air Chips Jordan’s black and red became controversial after the NBA sent Nike a letter referencing a preseason game informing the company that the colorful jordan tennis they were a violation of the league’s uniform clause.

Nike responded by creating an advertising campaign around the Jordan’s “forbidden tennis”, thus also announcing the first Air Jordans, with the slogan: “the NBA kicked them out of the game, fortunately, the NBA cannot prevent you from using them.”

The Air Chips White with Red that were sold are undoubtedly a remarkable item in basketball and sports history, and have been kept in excellent condition by the Denver Nuggets Ball Boy Tommie Tim III Lewis, whom Jordan gave them to him.

tennis_mas_caros-5.jpeg (Photo: Sothebys)

The sneakers are accompanied by a letter written by Lewis and one more with the qualification of MEARS Authentication, LLC, a company that is in charge of evaluating the collectibles. Also included is Lewis’ personal pass for the 1984-1985 Denver Nuggets season.

Sotheby’s auction house, for its part, did an authentication test with James Spence to confirm that the signatures were real. They also turned to Resolution Photomatching who identified a possible photographic match with the dates they were used, indicating a possibility that this pair may have been used in additional games prior to November 1, 1984.

A pair of tennis With a great history, but an exorbitant price.

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