The club that regrets not having signed Radamel Falcao

They regret on each date that they do not materialize many of the scoring opportunities available to them and grab their heads when they observe that the Colombian star on a streak was in orbit.

The Celtic he regrets, day after day, not to materialize many of the scoring chances available to him. However, a footballer who was in his orbit and the one they will face this Monday does not stop celebrating so many. It is none other than Radamel Falcao.

At the end of last August, the sports director Celtic, Felipe Miñambres, recognized that this past summer and in January the incorporation of the Colombian “but we did not have free places for non-EU citizens”, affirmed the person in charge.

The truth is that his incorporation, his name was on the table for months, the occupy place from outside the community was a impediment But his arrival was also made impossible by the fact that some club executive showed his reluctance due to the age of the Forward. Its incorporation became impossible and, before the market closed, it reached Vigo Thiago Galhardo.

Two months later, the Celtic regrets unrealized occasions and Falcao does a goal with him Lightning each 62 minutes. Four so many in the 249 in which he has participated, distributed in six encounters. It is the same number that adds Santi Mina, top Celtic filmmaker, but needing 953 minutes to reach it. AND Galhardo on 153 has not seen door.

Meanwhile, the Celtic sum 10 so many, an average of less than one per game, and the Lightning Nevertheless 18. The Celts fight to escape the tricky area of ​​the table and the Lightning, however, he has been sitting in positions all season europeans.


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