Durango. Of 2,929 students entering medicine, few graduate

Durango has 1.5 doctors per thousand inhabitants, a figure that reaches half the numbers recommended by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The agency states that for every thousand people there should be 3.2 health professionals.

According to data from the General Directorate of Health Information of the Federal Ministry of Health, in the entity there are as a whole 2,554 general practitioners and specialists, in addition to 197 dentists.

The breakdown shows that there are mostly general practitioners, which is equivalent to 836, followed by relatives with 328, dentists with 197 and anesthesiologists and pediatricians with 184 each.

The smallest number of specialists in Durango correspond to traumatologists, since there are only 56, in addition to cardiologists with 22.

In this regard, the Research Coordinator of the Citizen Observatory of La Laguna, Luis Alfredo Medina, highlighted the importance of recognizing the value that doctors have.

“We must recognize the effort they make to cover this demand, since they are people who have to cover at times 16 or 20 hours a day to cover the demand,” he said.

The researcher also points out the need for public policies to be aimed at increasing the number of specialists in different branches.

“From the outset we have to take into account that the country is heading to live with covid-19 on a daily basis and we must understand that the population is aging, which causes comorbidities to be added,” he commented.

A relevant data that contrasts with the number of doctors within the health sector is the number of students and graduates of the Medicine career.

The latest report from the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES) with a cut to the 2020-2021 school year states that 2,929 people had enrolled in Durango in that degree and that 398 graduated.

More challenges

The last year marked by the coronavirus pandemic left a huge challenge for the country’s health professionals and Durango was no exception.

Doctors from institutions such as the Maternal and Child Hospital can account for that. This was pointed out by Sonia Ramírez, head of Pediatric Services and a specialist in nephrology, “although it sounds trite to be a doctor it is a commitment and to have love for what you do. Why? Specifically in our profession we have the most beautiful thing there is, which is the life of a child and it is the future of all. How are we living the pandemic? It is a change to update ourselves and live with this new normal that goes from learning to educating our children ”.

He commented that in his case the taste for Medicine emerged during high school when he did his internship at the Maternal and Child Hospital itself and chose the area of ​​Pediatrics.

“When I went through the pediatric service I realized that it was my area and what I like are children. It seems to me that they are such defenseless beings that they cannot communicate, ”he said.

He says that in one of his stays at the Hospital Infantil de México “Federico Gómez” he decided to study the specialty in nephrology because kidney disease in minors was not properly diagnosed.

Today she is the only professional in the Duranguense medical center who practices it. Cristián Isaac Galindo Antuna, gynecologist Oncologist and Head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service, highlights that providing good patient care continues to be the main mission.

“For us it has been a great challenge since the pandemic began because we did not know much about the disease,” he said.

It details that there are currently 25 gynecologists who work in the hospital, of which three were hired for the covid area and who have treated 19 women with this disease who became mothers via cesarean section and six more through natural childbirth.

“It is not relevant to attend to a patient and although we are vaccinated that does not imply that you cannot get infected, we must continue with the measures,” he concluded.



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