Liga MX: what each team needs to enter the Liguilla or Repechage

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To the regular tournament of the Apertura 2021 There are two days left and some teams have up to three games to play for their earrings from previous dates, and so far there are still 16 clubs that have the opportunity to be in the Liguilla or in the RepechageXolos being the only club that has been eliminated and with America already firmly in the Liguilla for its leadership.

América, which is the leader with 34 units, and Atlas, second with 26, are the only teams that have already guaranteed their participation in the next phase, although the rojinegros still do not know if they will go straight to Liguilla or they will go through the Repechage.

A large squad fights direct pass

Behind the Eagles there is a large group that aspires to enter the Liguilla directly, since from position 2, which are the Foxes, to the 14 that Pumas occupies, there are 9 points of difference, with the exception that the people of Guadalajara have only one game to play, while the felines have 9. To take out the abacus and light candles that a heart attack is coming!

  • Atlas (26 points). If the Foxes beat Querétaro on the last date they will not need anyone to be inside in the next round, since the pending between León and Cruz Azul would benefit them.
  • Toluca (23 points). A win against León in J16 would be a great boost, although it would still have to wait, given that La Fiera and Cruz Azul have one game less.
  • Tigers (22 points). They remain to face Chivas and Juárez; If they both win, which is feasible from what their rivals have shown, they can think about going direct, with the same exception of the Devils regarding León and the Machine. A tie in them would force them to pull out the calculator and wait for results.
  • Leon (22 points). In favor, it is that he has one game less, so he has 9 points to play, although all are against teams that seek to enter (Toluca, Necaxa and the pending J11 against Cruz Azul). It is also added that they have not played well in recent days.
  • Cruz Azul (20 points). It is another of the teams that have nine points to play, but all of them are against tough opponents, starting with América, Pumas and the pending against the Panzas Verdes.
  • Monterrey (20 points). He has the games against Atlético de San Luis and América, both visiting, so there is a risk that the Concachampions champion will be left out. If he succeeds in both, he will also have to watch what the teams at the top of the table do to see if there are options to go direct.
  • Mazatlan (20 points). He fell with Necaxa and has Chivas, who can compete well. The loss to the Rays is a wake-up call and they will have to win on the last date to avoid complications.
  • Chivas (19 points). He has a dangerous visit to Tigres, so from falling alone to entering via Repechage, at the risk of being left out by those who come below. His last game is against Mazatlán.
  • Puebla (21 points). He beat Juárez and he has Toluca Toluca, although it seems complicated that he can think of the direct ticket. You must win both and expect results.
  • Santos (17 points). He has to play games against Pumas, Querétaro and Atlético de San Luis, as irregular as he is. If I reached 26 units I could still go direct, but it depends on a cascade of results, so it is more likely that I think about the Repechage.
  • Atlético de San Luis (17 points). The pending against Pachuca and the matches against Rayados and Santos support it. It comes from being thrashed, the spirit is beaten, so it is idyllic to think about going straight, although mathematics gives you a choice.
  • Necaxa (20 points). Pablo Guede’s men enter the playoff zone after beating Mazatlán and with a final date against León. After a difficult start, he now has a possible qualification for playoffs in his hands.
  • Pumas (17 points). The nine points that he added on the double date put him into the fight, and his incentive is that he has another nine units to play against Santos, due to the postponement of Day 11, and the remaining against Pachuca and Cruz Azul, two of which they are in CU. Only the good cheer he brings can help him sneak in, even though his opponents look tough.
  • Pachuca (16 points). He also has three remaining games (the postponed against Atlético de San Luis on Date 5, Pumas and Tijuana), but his football is not enough to think that he will fight for the full triumphs. If he beats the Potosinos, he will almost KO them and he would benefit from surpassing them in the table.

Those who only aspire to the Repechage

So far, the only teams that cannot be among the top four, with the exception of the eliminated Xolos, are Bravos de Juárez and Querétaro, who are forced to win at least one of their two remaining games to have aspirations. If they fall both will be out.


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