Exercise equipment stolen from the park in Ciudad Madero

Madero City /

Given the theft of exercise equipment, LED lamp protectors and ornamental plants, the Mayor of Ciudad Madero, Adrián Oseguera Kernion, reported that offenders will be reported to pay according to law.

He added that among the measures to be applied is to display them through social networks, so that the public is aware of these alleged criminals who stalk the municipality.

“I am not going to allow, for any reason, that the patrimony of the people of Madeira continue to be stolen, we are going to have permanent surveillance and the person we surprise, we are going to display it on social networks, to make them ashamed”.

At the inauguration of Pachuca street in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood, the neighbors told the president that recently unknown persons took an exercise device apparently to sell them as old iron.

Situation that they will seek to remedy with the complaint against lovers of others before the Attorney General’s Office, since it will not allow them to continue taking the patrimony of the people of Madeira.

“We are also going to present the complaints to the corresponding authorities, I have already instructed the legal person to file the complaints against whoever is responsible.”

Oseguera Kernion, stressed that so far the theft of 40 lids of bars that cover the LED lamps has been detected, which are usually sold as old iron, in addition to the theft of the ornamental plants that have been placed on the Boulevard Adolfo López Mateos, Monterrey avenue and Jalisco.

“It will be monitoring the Creditable State Police, Sedena, National Guard and Traffic. The robberies include 40 protection caps of the reflectors that they use for old iron.”



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