Diego Armando Maradona: This was the day he asked for the “El Chavo del 8” series in exchange for an interview

Diego Armando Maradona He is considered one of the best footballers in all of history. But “Fluff“He also had other tastes besides football and he was a great follower of the work of Roberto Gómez BolañosChespirito‘. Some years ago, when 10 was in rehab at Cuba, had a request in exchange for granting an interview.

According to the driver Matias Martin, Maradona put as a condition the interview carried out for the program ‘Fugitives‘, having all the seasons of the series “El Chavo del 8“The request caused astonishment among the broadcast staff due to the difficulty that this represented.

Maradona and the island

Martín recalled that the Argentine requested all seasons of this popular program in South America in VHS format, which represented a challenge for the island’s inhabitants at that time since television only broadcast national programs and there was no cable.

Diego Armando Maradona gave the interview for the show. It should be noted that the footballer spent time in Cuba to rehabilitate from their addiction problems. During his stay on the island he forged a close friendship with Fidel Castro, whom she considered as her second father.

Meet your idol

The years passed and he also called “Golden Child“he managed to have a program that he had by name”The night of the 10“The broadcast consisted of presenting interviews with different personalities, not only in the soccer field but within the popular culture of Latin America.

In one of these broadcasts, the world champion with Argentina on Mexico 86 managed to chat with Robert Gomez Bolaños, creator of Chavo del 8. At that moment, he did not miss the opportunity to express his gratitude because his programs made him happy while going through difficult times.

Information in progress

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