Despite reports of damage to cars due to adulterated gasoline, Profeco receives only 2 complaints

After refueling, about 40 vehicles were stranded at a gas station on Avenida Colón. However, despite the reports on social networks, there are only two complaints in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the Consumer (Profeco).

The owner of Profeco in Guadalajara, Sebastián Hernández Méndez, pointed out that it is probably due to the fact that they may be given a solution at the station directly and immediately, although he also invited that, if not, file a complaint or complaint to go directly in Calle de Morelos 1830, Colonia Americana, in Guadalajara.

But the Consumer Phone is also available: 55 5568 8722 or 800 468 8722 for the rest of the country; as well as through official social networks: on Twitter @AtencionProfeco and Facebook @ProfecoOficial or in the application “liter for liter”.

He added that this month a total of five complaints for contaminated gasoline, as well as five complaints, of which one has already been reconciled in favor of the consumer.

He pointed out that the complaints contain social interest, which leads to visits and even measures such as sanctions in the event that an irregularity is proven, whose fines range from 580 pesos to four million 877 thousand 747 pesos, while the complaint is of interest particular and leads to compensation for the damage. Both can be presented simultaneously.

At the beginning of September, executives of luxury car agencies in the metropolis confirmed to this medium that Vehicles that have faults due to adulterated gasoline have arrived at their workshops.

These cars they had damage mainly in the injectors and turbos “Because gasoline is adulterated, it doesn’t give the octane they need. It has even damaged engines, “said a manager at the time.



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