Bulls, Lakers and Warriors are the NBA teams with the most fans in Mexico

Michael Jordan left a very deep mark on Mexican fans

The Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors are the three NBA teams with the most fans in Mexico, according to the vice president and director of the league in the country, Raúl Zárraga.

“The Bulls follow in first place, then the Lakers, in second, and in third the Warriors, who bring momentum since they became a team with consistent success in 2015 with Stephen Curry and now with the Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson” , revealed this Sunday the executive to Efe.

Chicago has established itself as the group with the most Mexican followers since in the 1990s it won six titles at the hands of Michael Jordan, considered the best player of all time in the NBA.

The Bulls, who have not won a title since 1998, the last with Jordan, played a game in Mexico until 2018, when they fell 97-91 to the Orlando Magic in Mexico City.

While the Lakers are the league’s winningest team together with the Boston Celtics with 17 rings each, and the Warriors have been the league’s last super-team with three titles in five straight finals played between 2015 and 2019.

“This goes according to the research we do. It is not that we ask people who you go to, it is simply the consumption they have through digital platforms in which we see that the games that are most watched on digital or the content they search the most on the internet is that of the Bulls, then that of the Lakers and then that of the Warriors, “added Zárraga.

The executive acknowledged that both Golden State and the NBA have grown in fans in the country since 2020, the year of Toscano-Anderson’s debut with the Warriors.

“Every time we put something from Toscano on any of our digital platforms, the interaction and linkage are seen at a higher peak. Toscano was also one of the factors for us to have grown 20% in restricted television audiences,” he said .

Zárraga admitted that Mexico, with around 26 million NBA fans, is together with Brazil the two most important markets in Latin America.

The manager boasted that Mexico is the third country in the world, not counting the United States, with the most subscriptions to the league’s digital platform where the games are broadcast.

The hierarch described the Mexican fan as someone committed and demanding, interested in the pop culture that surrounds the NBA such as fashion, music, technology, video games and who consume the league both on television and on digital platforms.

Zárraga acknowledged that due to COVID-19 there is still no date for the return of NBA games to the country, where between 2014 and 2019 10 games were played at the Arena Ciudad de México.

“The stage to return to the games is as it was before, that simple. The arena is incredible, the fans are here, the members are looking for it, it is simply to wait until everything is ready to have international trips and that the health conditions are ideal for players, NBA staff and fans, “he said.

Another point to be resolved is a new contract to bring meetings to Mexico since at the moment there is no current one.

“The relationship with Zignia is consistent, we talk all the time, it goes beyond just the games. We have an excellent relationship with the group and we just talk, we explore what the panorama looks like and how they see it as experts in the events industry What we need is clarity and certainty because the matches are planned a year in advance, “he concluded.


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