‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, the hallucinogenic series of the year ties its end in a satisfactory way

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During the presentation of Nine Perfect Strangers to the press, Nicole Kidman said: “People ask us to define the miniseries, but we don’t know how. Ask any of us what genre it is, we have no idea.” That not knowing which series they are in is noticeable from the beginning and it stays until the end. Michael Shannon and family were in a very serious drama, Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale in a romantic comedy, Regina Hall in a horror movie and Nicole Kidman in an 80s video store thriller.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster, but surprisingly, this deranged cocktail works. Mainly, because its cast is full of stars and they gave it their all, even if they didn’t know what they were doing. And also because the series itself doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s a breath of fresh air. The result is crazy, but entertaining, if from the beginning we enter the game, we drink Masha’s drinks and we let ourselves go.

Apparently, readers of Lianne Moriarty’s novel, which she adapted here David E. Kelley, have been very satisfied with the result. Some even claim that they prefer the end of the series to that of the book, something that E. Kelley also achieved with his adaptation of Big Little Lies, based on a work by the same author. The adaptation is quite faithful in spirit, with a few changes, such as Masha’s past and her goals, her relationship with Carmel (Regina Hall), and the ending with her many endings. And at this point I have to say goodbye, if you haven’t seen the last episode yet, because from here there will be spoilers.

The cast of 'Nine Perfect Strangers'.

The cast of ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’.

Let’s get down to business. To begin with I have to say that the revelation that Carmel was the person who shot Masha she caught me by surprise. Not because of the twist itself, which was so absurd that for a moment I thought it might be a Masha hallucination, but because I never felt that discovering the identity of the parking garage robber was a mystery that the series had to solve. In any case, welcome be it, of course, it doesn’t clash with what we were seeing, and Regina Hall is great at her unhinged performance.

The other two great revelations at the end are, on the one hand, that Masha set up this whole shebang because she wanted to have a sensory experience in which she could reconnect with her daughter, and his patients were the guinea pigs of his personal experiment. On the other, that the unorthodox treatment worked, somehow, with the Marconis and with her.


Although Masha had no real interest in healing anyone but herself, by the time the nine perfect strangers are ready to leave Tranquillum, have learned to forgive themselves and are ready to let go of their traumas. Maybe it’s all due to Stockholm syndrome or maybe the effects of drugs, but they feel better about themselves. They are so satisfied with the treatment received that they leave a five-star review of their stay to the police officers who question them.

In the epilogue, everyone receives their happy ending. The question is if that happy ending was given by Masha with her treatment or Frances as characters in her new novel. We can choose the one we prefer, but in both cases the closure leaves a contagious positive feeling.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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