Night Teeth: Why Watch The Vampire Movie With Megan Fox On Netflix

The interesting thing about the film is that it combines the vampire stories with the criminal stories, where the hit men are replaced by nocturnal creatures who, in addition, want to have a little fun enters each crime.

The cast:

Besides Alfie Allen, Night Teeth has to Lucy Fry from Godfather of Harlem e 11.22.63 (aka one of the best miniseries based on books by Stephen King) and Debby Ryan as two murderous vampires, who know they can use their sex appeal to get around town undetected.

In addition, we have Megan fox as a vampire queen named Grace, who works alongside Sydney sweeney (from Euphoria and The White Lotus), who plays a vampire named Eve, conducting some interesting “experiments” on the undead. They are not the protagonists and their roles are not that great, but they do a great job and leave us wanting to see more of what happens to them.

Night Teeth it also has great supporting characters who steal the show, like a nightclub owner who is quite quirky and macabre in his own way. In addition, the characters inject the film with humor, sarcasm and a lot of chemistry.

Blood, a lot of blood

When it comes to vampires, This is a bloody movie, much of the violence is more suggested, they do not show too much gore, mutilations or murders, but they let us see the consequences, but we can also see the two most lethal vampires murdering their targets without any problem or remorse, in addition to the fact that, although it is located today, there are still a few classic weapons from the stories of literature.

In addition, the creators made the decision not to have such striking special effects and, contrary to what you might think, this makes some of the deaths and stunts feel more realistic and credible.

There are some elements that do not change or propose something new in terms of vampire stories, but in general Night Teeth does a great job of bringing monsters to the present day, in a city that is painted neon color to make everything a little more surreal and mysterious.

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