‘Infinite’ – As if it were the same

‘Infinite’ It is a perfect example of the great cardinal sin of American commercial cinema. Whether it really is, or just looks like it, is a new occasion when a (potentially) good idea is dwarfed by an impatient system with little interest in developing it. Or rather, go to great lengths to turn a (potentially) good idea into a movie that makes the idea a good one. It is enough that the result can be sold as if it were. As if it were the same.

To understand us, ‘Infinite’ It is the type of project whose gestation seems to have developed in a weekend of drinking. Someone likes an idea that looks like a possible franchise, hires a well-known director and protagonist, gives them $ 100 million and a release date. It matters little that something as theoretically important as a script (or a definite story) does not exist: It is not a question of words, but of numbers. From the said to the fact it is the least, the important thing is the trade balance.

Never understand (or even less want to understand) why an industry that moves and risks so much money likes to play with fire so much. Even less, it seems that almost all industries do the same, almost by routine. The one that transmits its own ‘Infinite’, the typical production that seems improvised on the run, on the fly and against the clock. But above all, the typical little worked production that seems conceived, developed and resolved with an enormous and high level of disinterest, reluctance and irrelevance.

To be clear: In ‘Infinite’ Antoine Fuqua and Mark Wahlberg clearly and blatantly activate “my dick is sweating” mode. Take the money and run, once with the check in your pocket there will be time to deny the movie. An inconceivable, multi-million dollar blockbuster that never develops its theoretical premise, let alone some kind of story that is not a simple and rudimentary excuse for a succession of disinterested action scenes and special effects, each more crudely impossible.

In fact ‘Infinite’ it can be entertaining, if not for the right reasons. He may, but because his lack of embarrassment piques our curiosity as to how far he will be able to go with his action scenes, the only plot of this video store by-product on steroids would be believed ‘SE busca’ to have some illusion to live. It is, may or may be. But it is still 90 minutes of a presumed film that in another more decent life would be a YouTube video of no more than 10 minutes.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias

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