George Clooney, forced to do his last interview from inside a closet

George Clooney He is one of the most acclaimed actors in the Hollywood and film industry. A place where he has met other great stars, such as Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, and it is that the latter was surprised in the middle of the ‘Red Table Talk’ program by the actor, who did not hesitate to go live to congratulate him on his birthday.

But, on this occasion, Clooney had some problems in his connection, which have caused him to have to connect live from inside a closet, as he himself confessed.

The reason why he locked himself in the closet

I’m talking to you from inside my closet because outside of it there are a pair of twins hitting each other with swords. AND It didn’t seem like the most appropriate way to celebrate your birthday“the actor began by pointing out, referring to his four-year-old children, Ella and Alexander, who were messing around the house.

George Clooney also took the opportunity to add a touch of humor to Jada’s 50 years after he turned 60 last June: “Now they tell me that you are going to turn 50, which cannot be true because that would mean that I am 60 and I refuse. So let’s say you’re 39 and I’m 49. I like that much better. “

About Will Smith

Also, Clooney wanted to joke with Jada about how he can handle will smith, to which she replied: “Tell me the truth, how do you put up with someone? Only once you learn to put up with yourself is when you learn to put up with everyone else. You have to take the time to learn to love yourself. yourself”.

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