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The cinema constantly plays between the fact and fiction. The use of real weapons, explosions, and re-enactment of dangerous scenes can put stuntmen, actors, and crew members alike at risk. This has happened with the terrible accident that has ended the life of the cinematographer Halyna hutchings during the filming of the movie Rust. Alec baldwin was handling an alleged blank gun when it was fired causing the death of the 42-year-old woman and hurting the writer and director Joel souza, of 48.

Despite the fact that no criminal charges have been filed against Baldwin, the Police are already investigating the circumstances of the death and trying to determine what exactly happened so that the blank gun was loaded with live ammunition that has ended the life of Hutchins. This day adds to the blackest history of Hollywood, the one that has left fatalities during its filming.

The Raven (1994)

Perhaps the best known case of all. Not only did he end the life of Brandon lee, son of the actor and martial artist Bruce Lee, also with a promising career that premiered with this film from the director Alex Proyas. The Raven it narrated the resurrection from the dead of its protagonist in search of revenge, a theme strangely close to its fatal consequences. For one of the scenes, the actors had two pistols, one real and the other blank. However, they ended up being exchanged, killing his protagonist on the spot in one of the scenes.

Poster of 'The Raven'.

Poster of ‘The Raven’.


Paradoxically, Lee drove a hearse every day on set, almost predicting a tragic ending. The legendary actor John Polito knew it would end badly when during one of the scenes, the protagonist accidentally cut his hand, taking the opportunity to draw on the ground with blood. After the fatal accident, the The rest of the film had to be shot using extras and special effects in order to finish it..

At the limits of reality (1983)

The popular television saga The Twilight Zone it has been the source of inspiration for much of contemporary horror in the United States and Europe. The stories born from the imagination of their creator, Rod Serling, belong to the collective imagination of several generations. In 1983, with the success that the series had enjoyed in previous decades, the producers decided to shoot a film set in the same type of stories that had made the television series so popular, inviting a cast of directors and luxury actors: John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante and George Miller.

Each of the film’s chapters focused more or less on episodes from the original series. The actor Vic morrow It had to travel in time to dark times in the history of humanity, serving in its development to denounce great historical injustices. One of these stages transported the spectators to the Vietnam War.

The result of the helicopter crash that killed Morrow and the two children.

The result of the helicopter crash that killed Morrow and the two children.

Wikimedia Commons

Morrow played a soldier who had to save two children from a burning village while a helicopter flew over the scene. A fireball engulfed the helicopter as it flew low. The ship crashed to the ground in front of the hundreds of people who made up the film crew. Morrow was beheaded by the propellers along with the two boys aged six and seven. who participated in the scene. A death that caused a change in US law regarding the hiring of children on the sets.

The Exorcist (1973)

Although no fatalities were claimed during filming, The Exorcist it could very well have been a continuation of the original novel, leading many to think that its recording was marked by a curse similar to that of its story. In the middle of the night a bird crashed into the house set fuse box, causing a fire that miraculously burned everything except the room where the well-known scene of the exorcism occurs. Fear began to spread like wildfire among the team, who came to call the priest Jesuit Thomas M. King to bless the place.

One of the best-known stills in the film, with Father Karras arriving at the house.

One of the best-known stills in the film, with Father Karras arriving at the house.


Although there is still more. Jack MacGowran and Vasiliki Maliaros, two of the actors whose characters die during the film, passed away within days of filming. Cute blair and Max von sydow, they lost their grandfather and brother respectively while filming. AND Jason milller, the immortal Father Karras, had a accident with a motorcycle on the set of the movie that almost cost him his life.

Top Gun (1986)

Arthur Everett Scholl he was one of the pilots in charge of carrying out the complicated aerial maneuvers in the film. Scholl had an impeccable reputation as a pilot. He had worked as an instructor, stunt pilot, and cameraman. He died at the age of 54 during the recording.

During one of the scenes, he lost control of his Pitts S-2 during a spin, hurtling into the Pacific Ocean. The causes of the accident were never clarified, neither could the corpse of the pilot nor the aircraft he manned been recovered. Scholl’s last words on the radio were “I have a problem, I have a serious problem.” The film was dedicated to his memory.

Doubles and accidents

Of all the professions in the cinema that of the stuntmen takes the cake for dangerousness. Exposed to potentially lethal scenes and maintaining their composure in any situation, these specialized actors risk their lives so that others do not. However, sometimes the security measures or protocols are insufficient, a situation that the unions denounce and that could be predicting a strike like the scriptwriters’ strike between 2007 and 2008.

Joi harris It was the double action of Zazie beetz, Domino in the saga Deadpool. While filming one of the chase scenes in his second installment, he lost control of his motorcycle, crashing into a building. Its protagonist, Ryan Reynolds, He took to Twitter to announce that during filming a member of the crew had died, without specifying names and giving his condolences.

In 2019, 20th Century Fox paid 300,000 thousand dollars as compensation for putting Harris’s life at risk. The scene of the accident had been repeated four times previously and the actress he was not wearing a helmet and there were no containment barriers on set, essential security measures that led to the fatal outcome.

On xXx (2002), Vin Diesel plays a stuntman, a stuntman who makes a living performing stunts. His counterpart during the most dangerous scenes was Harry L. O’Connor, an ex-marine who had worked on several movies before. The last scenes shot in the Czech Republic required O’Connor launching himself with a parachute towards the water. Although the first shot had worked, a second shot was taken in which the parachute did not open and the 44-year-old man fell over the bridge, dying on the spot.

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