Billie Eilish launches her perfume “Eilish

As we well know, Billie eilish was a new talent that became an icon in the world of music as well as in the fashion, because it came to revolutionize the most basic concepts of industry, becoming one of the greatest musical exponents of the moment, since she is the youngest soloist to win a Grammy for album of the year.

Billie eilish Since its inception, it has not done more than add and add successes in its career, as the singer recently announced and shared with her followers through her Instagram the launch your perfume and now he is betting on getting involved in the business of beauty.

The vocalist of “Bad Guy” had already given clues to the project before but it was not until Billie He posted a picture posing with his fragrance that we were able to confirm that it was the singer’s first fragrance named “Eilish”.


Billie He also shared more specific details to about his fragrance, as we can find essences such as vanilla, cocoa, musk, amber and hot spices, which result in an aroma with a sensual touch.

Likewise, through Instagram he expressed that his fragrance it is his favorite scent in the world and it will be available for sale to the public in November.


On the other hand, the design of the fragrance plays with the metallic bronze color in the shape of a sculpture, inspired by Billie Eilish’s favorite body parts according to Harper’s Bazaar US which are the neck, clavicle and back.


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