Cinema: The Best Presidents Hollywood Has Given Us

If we ask ourselves: Who have been the best presidents of the United States? It would probably take a long time to determine it; Nevertheless, in the world of cinema and fiction Things have always been quite clear and we can easily recognize those who have aroused the greatest emotion in us with their interpretations as the tenant of the white house. Let’s remember some of the best roles:

Independence Day

“We will not silently disappear into the dark. We will not fade without a fight. We will live. We will survive. Today we celebrate our Independence Day,” said President Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman as part of his speech in this mid-1990s film. the nineties which raised over $ 300 million.

Mars Attacks

Speaking of alien invasions, 25 years after its release, many of us still remember Jack Nicholson in this crazy Tim Burton movie, where by the way a handful of big stars appear such as: Sara Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman, Jack Black, Michael J Fox, Pierce Brosnan and Danny DeVito.

Air Force One

Known in Spanish as the presidential plane, this film, which was also released in the second half of the nineties, places Harrison Ford at 55 as an intrepid president capable of ending the group of terrorists who try to kidnap him in the middle of the trip.


The Oscar winner for the same role, Daniel Day Lewis, masterfully portrays the famous president of the United States in a film directed by Steven Spielberg in 2012 that would become the most awarded historical drama that year.

American President

Without a doubt, the nineties were the time when Hollywood cinema most idealized the leader of the United States. This romantic comedy takes us into the life of President Andrew Shepherd, played by Michael Douglas, who falls in love little by little and to the last consequences of an environmental activist.



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