Fireteam Elite just months from launch

Aliens: Fireteam Elite launched on August 23 to mixed reviews, but in Steam it averaged around or over 10k players in the first few weeks after launch. But the lack of content, small updates, and possibly the launch of the popular Back 4 Blood They’ve recently wiped out the player base on PC, with just 792 players online at the time of writing.

Developed by Cold Iron Studios, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative third person shooter game that is played similar to Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead. It has different classes, a progression system, and loot. I played a good chunk of the game co-op with my brother and had a lot of fun with him, but I’d be lying if I said I’m excited to play more.

During the first two weeks after its release, Fireteam Elite enjoyed 10k-13k active players. At its peak, it even reached 15,500. They are not incredibly impressive numbers compared to bigger games like Counter-strike or Warframe, but solid enough to place it in the top 100 games of Steam. But now, 55 days later, the cooperative shooter is struggling to keep 1,000 active players.

So what happened? Well, it seems that even with the support of a popular franchise like Aliens , the game just hasn’t connected enough with the players to keep them coming back. People don’t hate the game as it has mostly positive reviews on Steam. But the lack of major updates and content means that even the people searching for it have run out of things to do.

The last major update to the game was in early September, which added a new class and kicked off the first season of the game. Since then, it has been mostly small updates that have patched or fixed things. It also doesn’t help that Back 4 Blood, a game that is very similar to Aliens: Fireteam Elite , was recently released.

It was incredibly popular on Steam even during its beta state, reaching almost 100k players on the platform. Today, it ranks in the top 20 most played Steam games with around 45k active players online, killing zombies together.

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