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what is Robert Downey Jr., Marvel’s most beloved actor up to now

As the years went by Robert Downey Jr became one of Marvel’s most beloved actors. With his role as Hombre de Hierro was the first to give life to one of the characters from the comics created by Stan Lee. In 2008 the film in which he starred was released and which opened an era of success impossible to match for the MCU with The Avengers.

However, in 2019, Robert Downey Jr gave a definitive closure to his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Avengers: endgame, Hombre de Hierro He was the superhero who sacrificed himself to save the population from the evil Thanos. And, despite the fans’ desire to see him again in phase four of the study, the same actor denied all possibilities of making a cameo.

In fact, Downey Jr is already immersed in new projects that take him away, definitively, from this life of a hero. This year, in fact, Netflix added to its catalog Sweet tooth, the series of which he was executive producer and which became a resounding success. What’s more, this prompted the platform to renew it for a second season..

However, it should be noted that in addition to remaining linked to the film industry, Robert is also immersed in charitable causes. The actor has been using his Instagram account for a long time to promote social causes in which he participates, but now he has added another. It is “Aspiration”, which helps to take care of the planet by building the fight against climate change.

Aspiration. What should we aspire to? Support companies that have a plan for the planet that our children will inherit. Aspiration has found a way to offset our daily carbon footprint with everyday purchases. Therefore, it is a support company”, Wrote the actor next to a video in which he promotes this association.

More than once the same Robert Downey Jr He was in charge of clarifying that now his goal will be to create a sustainable energy generator, just like his character did. And, without a doubt, he is getting closer and closer to his desire to conceive a planet away from pollution.

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