The Pit in Fortnite Cosmic Summer: island code and how to complete all the challenges very quickly

This is everything you need to know about The Pit in Fortnite Season 7, the code to access and how to quickly complete its challenges.

Season 7 of Fortnite is already underway, and what better way than to celebrate it with the Cosmic Summer event. You will find many new features in the game from Epic Games, as well as challenges and tasks that will sting you for many hours of play.

An important novelty of Fortnite Cosmic Summer is The Pit, a scenario that we can access through a portal. For this dimension to appear, we will have to enter a specific island code (We will detail it below).

As you would expect, El Foso offers us a series of challenges (some of them very similar to the most common), and completing them will give us experience and we will level up quickly.

Do you want to discover all the secrets of The Pit in Fortnite Season 7? So pay attention and follow our steps in The Pit in Fortnite Cosmic Summer: island code and how to complete all the challenges very quickly.

The Pit in Fortnite Cosmic Summer: island code and how to complete all the challenges very quickly

The first thing you have to do before facing The Pit missions is looking for a partner. It can be played alone, but We recommend doing it in the company of a friend, or any user you find in Fortnite.

To access El Foso, select Creative mode in the Fortnite menu. Once the spawn map is generated, you have to enter a specific island code in Change Destination. The key is the following: 4590-4493-7113.

A portal will then open that will take you to The Pit. Inside you will see that there are four statues, one for each platform: PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC. Select the one corresponding to the platform on which you are playing Fortnite.

You will be transported to an upper area of ​​the Pit, where there will be multiple weapons that you can choose (up to 5). We recommend you take the suppressed submachine gun, to more easily meet one of the challenges that we will meet. Go down to the bottom.

In The Pit you will find these challenges and missions. As on other occasions, it consists of destroy structures, shoot headshots or eliminate enemies with different weapons. Are these:

  • Headshots in The Pit (50 times)
  • Destroy structures in the Pit (500)
  • Eliminate players with 5 different weapon types in a single match of The Pit (5 times)
  • Build structures in the Pit (500)

Why do we want a second player? Well, because otherwise we won’t be able to complete the challenge of eliminating an enemy with 5 different weapons, for instance. If you can’t find anyone, you can always create a secondary account.

The headshot challenge is simple: you just have to aim well (suppressed submachine gun is a good choice) and unload against the second player, like this until completing the objective (50 shots).

When it comes to destroying structures, there are two ways to do it. One is commission the second player to build, and while we choose the hammer to destroy them. Note that you must destroy 500 structures, so we recommend you choose the ramps and basic floor.

Another option, although somewhat more crazy, is build the structures yourself, six at a time, While you run in all directions. This way you will finish it much earlier, but you can make a mess … so it depends on your skill in Fortnite.

The challenge of eliminate players with 5 different weapons It is also quite simple: we just have to make sure that we have chosen that number of weapons at the top of The Pit, and unleash our fury on the second player.

Finally, the challenge of building structures will be easier to meet if we act together with a partner. Since it is not specified which ones, It will be worth it with basic floor and ramps, so as not to complicate your life.

When you finish the four missions, leave the game and you will be rewarded with a series of elements in Fortnite Season 7. They are the following:

  • Alien Appetizer Emoticon
  • 20,000 experience points (x2)
  • Freezebrain
  • 35,000 experience points
  • Southcraper Llama
  • Ice Cream Craving Gesture
  • 10 Battle Stars
  • Marshmallow Clubs
  • 30,000 experience points

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