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Rapper 50 Cent says that people are more ruthless in business than on the streets. This is your advice for dealing with them.

Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, it’s a rapper, actor, producer and entrepreneur whose ‘poor to rich’ story is arguably the best in hip-hop history.

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Jackson was born and raised in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York, during the height of the crack epidemic of the 1980s. He grew up without a father and his mother was murdered when he was just 8 years old. He began selling drugs at age 12, and at 19 he was arrested, charged, and sentenced for possession of crack, heroin, and a firearm.

Upon your early release, changed course and focused on music, began writing rap songs and landed a record deal with Jam Master Jay. Jackson eventually signed a record deal with Columbia Records, but the label dropped him after being shot nine in 2000. He survived the assassination attempt, but instead of backing down, he released a series of records criticizing his enemies.

50 Cent pioneered the mixtape as a promotional tool, and his tireless work ethic, fierce delivery, gritty style, and melodic hooks finally caught the eye of Dr dre and Eminem. In 2002 he signed a record deal with Shady-Aftermath and released his first album, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, in 2003.

The album went platinum nine times, and the magazine Rolling stone included it in his list of best albums of all time, writing that Jackson was the first rapper in “sell a million [de discos] for every time he was shot “. His albums have sold a total of 30 million units since then. For many, this would have been the peak, but for Jackson, his success as a musician was just the beginning.

A negotiator to the core, he partnered with Glacéau, the parent company of VitaminWater, and launched his ‘Formula 50’. His minority stake earned him $ 100 million; the company was sold to Coca-Cola for $ 4.1 billion in 2007, according to Forbes. His pace has not slowed since.

In late 2018, Jackson signed a long-term partnership with the channel. Starz worth an estimated $ 150 million, and has since executive produced, director, and co-starred in ‘Power’, Starz’s number one show and the second most popular show on premium cable at launch.

Now, 50 Cent has more than 20 film and television projects in a row, including a role in the series ‘The Expendables’ (The Indestructibles), who will star alongside Jason statham, Sylvester Stallone and Megan fox. And last Sunday, September 26, his program premiered ‘BMF’ in Starz.

I have followed Jackson’s career since I was a child, so I was lucky enough to speak with 50 Cent for 50 minutes and learn how much it cost survive on the streets, outperform your rivals and succeed in the business world.

Here is a brief summary of his three key tips for surviving on the streets and in business. Or, watch the full interview at the end, trust me, it will be the best 50 minutes of your day.

1. Prepare for conflict

Jackson is no stranger to conflict. Growing up where he did it, when he did it, and how he did it, cruelty was a prerequisite for survival, just as algebra is a prerequisite for learning calculus: without it, you won’t go to the next level. Except in her case, you wouldn’t live to see the next day. So you can imagine my surprise when he said that there are more ruthless people in business than on the streets. “They are the same tactics with a different approach”, he assures.

“They are just more subtle in their tactics. They are not conflicting, but they do it in front of you with the way they structure the agreements. At least in a robbery they have the courtesy to show you the gun, so that you can feel that anxiety and those emotions that you would feel when they rob you. But [en los negocios] they do it with a sheet of paper. They will do it in a way that you do not feel anything, and they will simply rob you right there “.

His advice? Prepare for conflict. “A lot of the people who do it comfortably, who will hand you that kind of contract, are not prepared for direct conflict. And given the circumstances that I grew up in, I had to be absolutely prepared for it. Think of the fighters: they look good after eight weeks of training and they have eight weeks to focus their mind, but you only have eight seconds on the street, you have eight seconds to adjust and do what you have to do. “

2. Don’t just retain information, internalize it

Jackson did not go to college. He didn’t even graduate from high school. Instead, he earned his high school certificate while serving six months in an incarceration camp. Today, 90% of the time he communicates with people who have reached a higher level of education than him.

But his lack of formal education is not a disadvantage, as you will see in a second. Because Jackson knows that what matters is not what they teach you, but whether or not you retain what you hear and can apply it in the real world, because the real world is not a classroom, and the tests that life puts on you are not They come printed on paper.

“What I’m holding on to is that they wouldn’t have succeeded in the circumstances I came out of,” he says. “If all the information you need in business were in one book, then the teacher would be too successful teaching the class,” the rapper noted.

“Most students do not become leaders in the field they are studying. If you notice, many of the students with ‘C’, people who not only retain information long enough to pass exams, but internalize the information and behaviors, turned out to be more successful than people who pass subjects easily “.

“Some people follow the rules, are trained and feel comfortable with school, but then they just know how to go to school. Until you put them in the real world, and that’s not school, “he said. 50 Cent.

3. Go straight to the source

By definition, a doorman is “the person in charge of a door who is hired to control who passes through it.”

Although the gatekeepers decide who can go through an entrance, it is the boss, or the decision maker, who issues the criteria for entering and has the last word. That is why Jackson ignores the chain of command and instead goes straight to the source.

“I talk to who I need to talk to, no one in between”he commented.

“I don’t follow the chain of command, I go straight to the source with whoever can make what I want to happen happen. Because the people in the middle would like you to do less to impress the people at the top. So sometimes you have to bypass someone to get to who you need “.

4. Train for reality until reality feels like training

Jackson began boxing at the age of 12 at a local gym in Southside Queens.

Although most see boxing and other sports as an escape, their gym was as tough on the inside as life was on the outside, or perhaps more difficult. But the challenges he faced inside the gym, and the consistency with which he faced them (he trained every day) conditioned him until, finally, he had no problem with fighting at all.

“We didn’t have weight classes, and people who were consistent weren’t coming in, so I fought a lot of older kids,” he says. “They had a mental advantage because they were older, but that faded as I picked up more pace to do it.”

“That changed my attitude and made me not mind fighting, because every time I sparred, I felt like I was in a real fight. And since I did it every day, I didn’t mind being in a fight. I didn’t adapt well. , because I took that to the other side of the street, to the neighborhood, what I learned in the gym “.

“So I didn’t mind having an altercation. I didn’t care if I had a black eye, because [mi tiempo en el gimnasio] forged me to fight. If you make it hurt in the gym, it won’t hurt at night “.

See here the full interview with 50 Cent, it is a jewel!

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