Fortnite Wild Hearts Cup: free Amorosa skin and all the details


02/10/2021 –

Nor there is a social event in which Epic Games does not participate and Valentine’s Day, February 14, a day known internationally for being Valentine’s Day, is no exception. With its usual slogan of constant updates, Fortnite has prepared a very special event for all its users. Both singles and married people will be able to enjoy its content, with the central axis in the Wild Hearts Cup.

The most played battle royale in recent years receives an important update, with news that once again refreshes the title. One of the strong points of Valentine’s Day will be the Wild Hearts Cup, which is part of the well-known Season 5: Zero Point of Chapter 2.

Details of the Fortnite Wild Hearts Cup

From Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the Wild Hearts Cup will be available in Fornite, in which the battle royale users, grouped in two, so it is advisable to start scouting among our friends … However, it is worth highlighting a series of conditions that players must meet in order to enter:

– Have a account that beats level 29.

– To have two-step security authentication enabled. But don’t worry, because Epic Games explains how to carry out this process, although without much precision: “Players must visit the two-step authentication page, log into the Epic account and follow the instructions on the screen.”


This is what the Loving King and the Cuddle Team Leader look like, exclusive to Fortnite this Valentine’s Day.

The competition will consist of participants having a strong> timeframe of up to 3 hours to play a maximum of 10 games. Between them, all the points obtained by each duet will be added, and from there a classification will be formed.

Amorosa Skin in Fortnite, Wild Hearts Cup prize

Only a handful of lucky people will be able to enjoy the Amorosa skin in Fortnite, whose appearance presents a most independent character and a strong personality. Neither her pink hair nor her clothes full of little hearts should confuse us, since they distribute big knobs like no one else.

The highest ranked teams in the Fortnite Wild Hearts Cup will unlock this Amorosa skin at no additional cost, who distributes kisses wherever he goes. In addition, they can equip him with the Explosive Heart accessory, located on the back as a backpack. Yes, talent will be rewarded with love!

Fortnite on Valentine’s Day, beyond the Wild Hearts Cup

But Epic Games has not stayed here, but has something else to offer, and it is nothing more and nothing less than the most romantic outfits for these special dates. Until next week, that is, for the duration of the Wild Hearts Cup event, The shop will open with new items and outfits, such as the Amorosa skin, the Carioso King or the Cuddle Team Leader.

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