Fortnite: how to find the Agarratron in Season 7

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While you were sleeping, Epic released patch 17.30 from Fortnite, which comes loaded with some news for Season 7 of Chapter 2. One of the most interesting things is the new alien weapon called Grapple.

This peculiar item with a space theme is part of the challenges of Week 9 of Fortnite And, as the name suggests, it grabs multiple items and lets you throw them at your enemies. We highly recommend using this weapon while it is available in the game. Here we tell you how to find it.

How to find the Agarratron in Season 7 of Fortnite?

In the trailer shared by Epic we can see a clear example of how this new weapon should be used. You can lift cars to take cover from enemy attacks and then launch them. It can even stop a missile in the middle of its trajectory and redirect it in your favor.

There are a couple of locations where you can find the Agarratron. The easiest is in the Alien Abductors or inside the UFO mother. On the ship you must participate in a minigame to receive the weapon as a reward.

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If landing in a specific place is not your thing, you can try to find this item in the chests that are scattered throughout the map, but this way the chances of you getting the Grapple are low.

We are sure that when you find this alien weapon you will have a lot of fun, especially if you use it as suggested Fortnite in the video.

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