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Why are the stylists of the ‘celebs’ so famous?

Trivial question: if we had to talk about the first stylist to become a celebrity herself, who do you think we would refer to? Without a doubt (pink cheese in 3,2,1 …!) We would talk about Rachel zoe, which in the 2000s was not only in charge of shaping the ‘it girls’ wardrobe (we swear there was a time when that term was used all the time!), but also managed to be as famous as those who he helped with matters of style. Although today celebrity stylists are known and praised, then Rachel was in charge of raising the glam of the closet of names like Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa barton and Cameron Diaz without people knowing that her looks were the result of her work. We are talking about an era in which nobody thought that the ‘outfits’ they chose to take a starbucks coffee or even pouring gasoline were the result of the work of a professional.

Stylist Rachael Zoe

Rachel zoe

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“When I started as a stylist, I would never have talked about one of my clients without first talking to them, their publicists, their managers and their agents. It wouldn’t even occur to me to mention that I knew them or that I worked with them without having done so. Suddenly one day the media began to wonder why certain characters with whom I worked wore a ‘lookazo’ to have a simple coffee or to go to the airport ”, he explains.

law roach is a judge on the 'legendary' show

Law Roach is a judge on the ‘Legendary’ program


In the era before social networks, we lived in a bubble in which we believed that famous women had a style because they had access to the best brands, not because behind their decisions there was a team focused on building their closets. But we already know, dear ones, how things turned around when the bubble of unreality burst and exposed celebrity style tricks and secrets. There is no doubt that the woman of the moment in terms of fashion is Zendaya, but her stylist, Law Roach, does not hide behind the hangers, but poses in the Red carpet as if it were one more ‘celebrity’.

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VIP stylists

At what point have stylists become the new divas? “Honestly, I prefer to always be behind and that if my photos come out, it is for me Instagram account or for a specific report that they have done to me, but always talking about my work or to publicize this wonderful profession. I don’t think we should go to the first line, because clients are the ones who have to shine with our work while we remain in the background, “he says. Cristina Reyes, one of the most acclaimed stylists in our country. “I think our work is exciting and arouses a lot of interest, and above all with Instagram, where we give details of the looks we make, who we wear, what brands we work with and for what events, I understand that people follow us and that the media make it known ”, he assures.

gigi vives is the stylist of begoña vargas

Gigi Vives

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For her part, the popular ‘influencer’ Gigi Vives is not only in charge of filling social networks with style and inspiration, but she is responsible for the looks with which Begoña Vargas, protagonist of ‘Las Leyes de la Frontera’, is is becoming the most promising actress in matters of style in Spain. “I think that apart from the contacts, another advantage of this world is that we are very close to the trends, because the ‘influencers’ are among the first to know certain things about launches and brands. As an ‘influencer’ I have always been very curious: I read a lot, I save many photos, I am constantly looking for inspiration and those are references that remain in my head unconsciously. The process by which I work and by which in turn Instagram works is to create a kind of mental folder of styles, clothes and trends, which is great for me to create Begoña’s style. I love different brands and there are many that I know because I continue and because also, of course, I have been buying and discovering them in this way. I have been working with agencies, brands and showrooms for years, and all that experience and those contacts have been very good for me ”, explains Gigi, who has changed the process established so far, since first she has been known by her own image and later, has gone behind the scenes to create the looks of third parties without, of course, being an influencer, but making it clear that the stylists are no longer in the shadows.

maeve reilly and hailey bieber

Maeve Reilly and Hailey Bieber

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The red carpet is sometimes a roll (we will deny having said this out loud), so many stylists have discovered that a new way to energize fashion is to take care of the looks of the famous and the ‘influencers’ not for big premieres, but for their profiles and their daytime ‘outfits’, those that end up being captured by the paparazzi and therefore are sometimes more applauded and influential than an image on the ‘red carpet’ wearing a necklace with more carats that is irrelevant in the ordinary world. In short, stylists are becoming street style image creators. In fact, the stylist of ‘celebs’ as stylish as Hailey Bieber and Megan Fox (if you are reading us, we ask you to send us your wardrobes at home, because they have us crazy), Maeve reilly, assures that the red carpet, despite being glamorous and looking like a ‘fashionista’ fairy tale, is neither realistic nor close. Not only has she managed to shape two of the most acclaimed dressing rooms of the moment, but she herself is photographed alongside her popular clients whenever she attends an event with them. He has even known how to take advantage of his fame by creating his own brand, Local Love Club, a ‘streetwear’ brand, and already works with various companies as an ‘influencer’ by promoting their services on their Instagram profile.

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Freddy alonso He is one of the most prestigious stylists in our country. The looks she creates for actresses like Milena Smit or Juana acosta they are always the most desired, and the name of the stylist, no matter how much he admits preferring to always be in the background, is already an essential among the greats of our cinema. Victor White is in charge of revolutionizing fashion with her looks for icons such as Ester Expósito, Ana Mena and Raw Alejandro, but his face is also known by the ‘fashion insiders’, who praise his style devoid of minimalist edges. The fact that through the networks we can have access to the process of creating looks and as it is increasingly common for famous women to tag their stylists and pose with them, has made them become known characters whose day to day is followed by thousands of people. Sometimes, because they offer another window from which to see the ins and outs of the lives of the celebs they dress, but in others, to learn from their style lessons and their looks, which on many occasions are as admired as those they create for their clientele.

In short, the classic “Mom, I want to be an artist” could well be today “Mom, I want to be a stylist”, and as there are more and more television programs that have television and charismatic style experts, such as Josie or Cristina Rodríguez, makes the best kept secret of the famous closet no longer a secret.

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