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What has been done? Experts respond

Baseball night in the United States and, among the public, the one that was a face known to the whole world, Tom Cruise. What began as a quiet sports day for the actor ended up being a flood of comments and threads on Twitter debating his renewed appearance. Is it Tom Cruise or is it his double?

In this new face of full cheeks and a certain air of puffiness, It was difficult to recognize the actor’s factions, hence many of the party attendees discovered that the person they had by their side was the interpreter of ‘Mission Impossible’ thanks to the video markers that placed a luminous sign with the name of Tom Cruise underneath the image of the actor. Tom, however, seemed delighted to surround himself with supporters of the Giants and Dodgers, unaware that the networks were beginning to burn. Tom had done it again.

Tom Cruise, this summer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. (Getty)

Although for years the actor has condemned the abuse of aesthetic medicine, for a decade his constant pact with the devil that makes your skin does not age and we can only see some crow’s feet around his eyes, he only has a realistic explanation: touch-ups. Already in 2016 his appearance was highly commented. Tom resorted to several injectable fillers to attend the BAFTA Awards with the same appearance as when he filmed ‘Top Gun’, with what he does not seem to have counted on was that if he did not let a little time pass between the touch-up and the red carpet, the super-filled face effect is too conspicuous. Her slanted eyes disappeared and her skin glowed like TikTok makeup dreams of shimmering.

Tom Cruise’s much-talked-about retouching at the 2016 BAFTAs (Getty)

On this occasion, the lesson learned, Tom Cruise went to his appointment with the sport with a less bloated face and maintaining a discreet image. It was no longer a ‘look at me all how good I am’, but a ‘what a surprise, you have recognized me but why am I great?’. Nevertheless, there were those who did not quite believe that it was Cruise himselfIf it weren’t for the fact that his son Connor was with him.

Many Twitter users recalled that these catches red-handed with the fresh touch-up have become a very repeated practice in baseball games, pointing to Rob Lowe, Cruise’s generation partner, who has also been seen with a stretched skin in stadiums. Because yes, they also do touch-ups, although their faces are not scrutinized as hard as that of women.

Tom Cruise posing with Amy Gutierrez at the Dodgers vs. Giants game. (Instagram @amy_gutierrez)

So what has Tom Cruise done to his face?

The verdict of the experts is resounding: evidently, the fillers have taken their toll on the actor’s face. That feeling of swelling would correspond to a more than recent visit to the office. “There is clearly a inversion of what we call ‘the triangle of beauty’has gone from having a triangular and very masculine and attractive face, with a marked angle of the jaw and chin, to having a square and feminized face ”, explains the doctor Virtudes Ruiz, surgeon and aesthetic doctor, president of the Murcian Association of Aesthetic Medicine (AMMECC). The loss of definition in its angled features would be an immediate secondary effect of infiltrations, probably with hyaluronic acid (HA), recently made or poorly managed, as the doctor points out.

Tom Cruise’s face in 2019 and 2021. (Getty / Twitter)

In addition to a effect of fillings with freshly made or poorly managed HA, there are other possible explanations that the aesthetic doctor remembers: “An increase in weight together with the sagging typical of age and a ‘heavy face’ with thick skin like yours” are factors that contribute to this effect of a face full of volume. As the doctor explains, in the case of Tom Cruise, the touch-ups that are carried out have given him “a more feminized look on his face.”

But there is not the thing, perhaps the paralysis of his forehead is the other most striking factor, after the rounding off his features, not to mention the almost total absence of wrinkles around the eyes. “There are no wrinkles around the eyes because it has also been treated with botulinum toxin,” says the doctor, indicating the probability that has undergone the so-called ‘full face’, which consists of doing all the touch-ups at the same time, “after a few days it is normal to have a small generalized inflammation,” he points out. This would explain that swelling that drew the attention of party goers and social networks.

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