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Tomorrow’s War 2: Will we have a sequel with Chris Pratt?

Tomorrow’s war or The Tomorrow War It has been one of the most viewed films in the history of the streaming recent. In just 48 hours since its premiere, it had assembled million viewers from around the world, something that has congratulated Amazon Prime Video and Paramount Pictures who, together with Skydance, have been in charge of supporting this project starring Chris pratt and directed by Chris McKay. But, will there be a sequel to this story of time travel, aliens and possible futures? We tell you everything we know and the ideas that are being considered to continue in this universe with a lot of potential

Tomorrow’s war: A story with potential for a saga

We already anticipated it in its day, when the first trilers were released. With a script written by Zach Dean, Tomorrow’s war It is a very juicy piece for the future, as it is an original intellectual property And having a distributor launch and debut in style like Amazon can mean future business deals for sequels, co-productions and other spin-offs in the form of novels, video games, or comics. Logically, when someone invests 200 million dollars you don’t want to lose a single penny.

Tomorrow’s war narrates us as a group of elite soldiers, coming from the distant and apocalyptic year 2051, travel to the past to alert humanity to alien invasion looming over Earth at any given time. They will appear in a soccer game of the Qatar World Cup in 2022, before millions of spectators, informing us of our dire fate. Their mission is clear, as they need recruit the best military and citizens in the past to combat these beings, as our species is in serious danger of extinction and is being decimated at an alarming rate.

Among those chosen and volunteers who will save humanity will be a high school teacher and father of a family (Chris pratt), whose only obsession will be to save the world to guarantee a tomorrow for his daughter. We will also meet a scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) who leads the fight of the future and his father (JK Simmons), a figure who has not been for the character of Pratt when he needed it, as well as a motley team of people who will try rewrite the future of the planet while fighting the invaders. The film closes its frames conveniently, as it already will Terminator 2: Final Judgment, eliminating the possibility of a terrifying future for humanity. But there is space for something else.

Tomorrow’s War 2: Will we have a sequel?

It is the big question. To date, Amazon and Paramount Pictures seem more than satisfied with the project and its success on the streaming portal, but nothing is confirmed or firm. What we do know is that the director of the film, Chris McKay, has begun to speak and debate the possibility of a second part. As he explained to the medium ComicBook, both he and the original screenwriter want to tell more about aliens, beings that were the axis of great creative meetings between artists, scriptwriters and designers. The filmmaker really enjoyed working on them, creating their background and giving them personality. The Pas Blancas (Whitespikes in the original version) are the protagonists of the story, mortal beings that decimate human beings with their great missile-like countries, their speed and their ability to adapt to the environment.


The design process of the White Pas dazzles the director: he wants to explore its origin in a sequel or prequel

When they started working on Tomorrow’s warThe team debated their origins, the world they came from, and their personality as a species, something that is timidly seen in the last third of the film. “We had a very fun design process. We talked about the homeworld of these creatures, where they came from, how they were created or raised, and how perhaps they were being used. I like the experiments of ‘world-building’, especially when you have the potential to do some kind of time travel“remarks McKay, responsible for the film.” I think a sequel could include many of these fun ideas that we have considered, as well as the ethnographic study of the White Countries that we have developed, telling us more about their world and where they came from, what their purpose was and all that sort of thing. So yeah, I think it could be a lot of fun. AND with this cast, also, we are beginning “, dropped the director.

Miami Tomorrow War

What we would like to see in Tomorrow’s War 2

Open bar spoilers. Tomorrow’s war It is a film that does not have complexes when it comes to presenting its elements, it is a blockbuster in all the rule, with crazy plots, somewhat embarrassing script lines and some other little defensible decision. But it works like a well-oiled gear, with its tics, tolls to works like The thing, Aliens or Starship Troopers and with that picard regarding the timelines typical of rounder films at their base as At the edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise. The cake of the film is discovered when Dan meets the adult version of his daughter (Yvonne Strahovsky), the scientist who is leading humanity in their fight against the White Countries. For months, and after capturing a female, this scientist and military man has been developing a powerful toxin that could kill monsters with a stroke of the pen. However, when he reaches the perfect formula, the beings attack the facility and deliver the result of his work to his father, who returns to the past. He has not been able to complete his task in his reality and present, but he can prevent everything from happening on his father’s morning.

Yvonne Strahovsky Tomorrow War

But burdened by the implications the toxin can have on the world order, which is cracking after the future is doomed no matter how hard we try to prevent it, Dan takes action. Discover that aliens did not arrive in ships or meteorites in the future: they had been frozen underground for thousands of years. It was global warming that set them free. He decides to go with a group of tomorrow’s soldiers and his closest ones to fight against the beings at their point of origin, inoculating the toxin and destroying the ship in which they traveled as cargo. This, initially, will close all the plots, but we have some doubts.

Spaceship Whitespikes Tomorrow War

Will we know more about the extraterrestrial race that carried these beings in their ship?

Have the White Countries survived the explosion? Is there any alive? Are extremely intelligent beings, capable of surviving almost everything, the film never tires of remembering it. We also do not know exactly if these aliens, those who piloted the ship, crashed on Earth by mistake or if they intended to bombard us with their cargo. This mystery, in the style Alien: The Eighth Passenger, it could be the starting point for the second part or the prequel. If McKay is smart, more than Roland emmerich with the sequel to Independence day, we could see how he delves into the concept of the White Countries and their role as destroyers of worlds, a biological weapons of mass destruction very powerful that are thrown against entire civilizations with a stroke of the pen.

Space cargo Tomorrow War

In addition, remains the question of the fate of Chris Pratt’s own character, who in the future dies in a specific year and decides to abandon his wife and daughter, as his father already did, tormented by the terrors of a war that he has brought with him. Tomorrow’s war tells us about the second Chances, so it would not be surprising that this concept was taken advantage of, explaining that the mistakes that are made travel with us, although we have time to solve them, pay for them and recover from their consequences. We are waiting if Amazon itself grants a second chance to this potential saga, which could become one of the keys to the portal tomorrow. And never better said.

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