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The new game mode, Mercenaries is now available

The famous free card game of Blizard, Hearthstone has already received its new update which brings an interesting new game mode for fans: Mercenaries, in which players can experience frenetic battles in a new way.

As the name implies, Mercenaries focuses on Hearthstone’s most iconic characters and motivates players to collect, upgrade and equip their favorite heroes and villains to lead them in vibrant and exciting matchups.

On mercenaries, users create groups of up to six heroes from their collection where through a series solo missions overcome randomly generated battles to finally duel a powerful boss.

After each victory, all the heroes of the team will increase their power and unlock new abilities as they level up. Additionally, after each completed mission, players will earn various treasures including the mercenary coins, which will help them to make additional heroes or upgrade your team current.

There is more of 50 mercenary heroes from launch day for players to, New and veteran players can creatively team up and discover unique and powerful skills.

Those who start the adventure, they will get their first 8 mercenaries for completing the introductory missions and prologue, while the others will be unlocked as they progress through the game’s campaign.

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